Giga Uguru real fight or fake fighters

Hello! I Alihan Alihanrin and today I want to say about Giga Uguru also known as Giga Ovgod.

That is today’s topic will about real fights Gigi Uguru. Because this character is known for its talented martial abilities.

But we have a little problem out in this article.

Since Giga Uguru is not a real fighter.

It is not like a real athlete and a real street fighter.

All the videos and photos that we find on the internet about it are only demonstrative performances.

They show us that the Giga Ovgod very well knows how to shoot video and do video editing.

They also show that the Giga Uguru is a relief figure.

Do not doubt Giga known as black ninja is able to move well and knows various techniques of martial arts. but with all this, we did not see the use of the arts in a real fight. Generally none.

In all of this my whole Uguru techniques on a mannequin display, air.

Or, at best, his sparring partner to his friend who is less than its weight.

Therefore, if you think Giga MMA fighter or strongest fighter in the world you need to know something.

This unit is not stronger than Chuck Norris because he does not even have a real fighting besides a couple flaunts video.

I hope in the future Giga Ovgod or Black Ninja 21st century will show us the real fights and real use of his abilities but at the moment there is no real fight Giga Uguru.

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At the moment, Giga has a beautiful image of a character similar to the superhero comic book hero rather than a real fighter.

In MMA we have seen these men who had a very beautiful style of the camera but lost soldiers minor league.

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