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Giga Uguru in sports since 4 years. History of the Black Ninja

Today we will talk about an unusual athlete. This is a fighter named Giga Uguru who performs crazy acrobatic stunts combining all this with martial arts.

Before making my stories, I usually contact athletes personally. In this case, to do this was quite difficult. Once on the instagram to the athlete, I was redirected to another page, and then another one. Apparently, the athlete for some reason deleted the previous accounts, and then registered again.

So, I’ll say right away that at the moment the athlete is not particularly public and does NOT seek to be popular. Giga uploads his videos to a large extent so that they gain views and, due to the attracted audience, he could talk about God. Yes, you heard right, this fighter is incredibly religious, I would even say it over the top. In each of his Instagram posts, he mentions Jesus and quotes the Bible; in his videos, he talks not about training and nutrition, but exclusively about his Faith and his conclusions from the Bible. As a non-believer, it was hard enough for me to listen to all his videos, but I did it in order to tell you as many interesting thoughts and information about this athlete as possible. I will quote one phrase that seemed interesting enough to me and concerns fear.

Giga says that fear is a natural behavior, but at the same time it is fear that causes you to be attacked. Let me give you an example, imagine that you were attacked and you immediately started to run away from the enemy. At this point, you showed your weakness and made it clear to the striker that he is stronger than you both physically and mentally. At the same time, if, instead of a weak position, you look directly at the attacker and show with all your looks that you are ready to give your life in battle, if you show with all kinds of readiness to fight, it will most likely recede. As Giga says, it is written in the bible. Of course, in my understanding, such a book as the Bible is highly susceptible to misunderstanding, however, there is definitely something in these words and I will agree with the fighter regarding this thought about fear.

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Now a few words about the athlete himself. As you already understood from the name, he began to engage in sports as early as 4 years old, just like the hero of my old story, Sage Northcutt. First it was taekwondo, then Thai boxing, and then also a krav magician with karate. In general, it developed as versatile as possible. As a matter of fact, this is evident in the style and manner of warfare. In addition to owning his body, the athlete is also quite fluent in the art of saber combat, nunchaku and even trained in shooting from weapons. As far as I understand, such a large number of skills and diversity are needed by an athlete for his professional activity, which is associated with cinema.

Of course, many can say that all these jumps and other tricks are not applicable in real combat and all that, but let’s be clean. Who is currently engaged in martial arts for self-defense? Any MMA fighter who has applied his skills in real life is most likely already in jail. In real life, combat skills can be useful, but with very rare exceptions. Although I will make a small remark, in the case of Uguru, the press repeatedly appeared news that the fighter participated in street fights and even got into the police station. Personally, it somehow fits very weakly with religion, but oh well, we won’t take the word for the press. All the same, for the most part, any skill, including the ability to fight, is used in the 21st century with the goal of making money. In the case of Uguru, this is exactly so. First, an athlete, as I said,

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He just has a perfect physique.

He just has a perfect physique.
Gig’s success is due precisely to his appearance and unconventional approach. Where else have you seen a black guy who looks like a bodybuilder, jumps like a top acrobat and combines all this with martial arts? At the same time giving great importance to meditation and religion. By the way, if someone didn’t know, then uploading photos in an instagram you don’t get any organic traffic from the platform, which can’t be said about the video. That’s why the athlete’s tape for 80% consists precisely of video content, which immediately becomes “viral”. One of his recent videos instilled 1.3 million views on Instagram!

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