Gwen Reckers. Brutal on the outside and kind on the inside. 55-year-old biker trains people with disabilities

The appearance of this muscular biker can be confusing. Yes, in appearance he is brutal and dangerous, but inside he is a kind and sympathetic person. Today I will tell you the story of Gwen Reckers, who found salvation in training and helps other people.

Hard childhood
As a child, Gwen suffered from attention deficit disorder and depression. Which ultimately resulted in big problems with alcohol and illegal substances. Only at the age of 20 did he take up his mind. Gwen decided to change his life, which was going downhill and found an outlet in martial arts.

Gwen is a simple guy, he worked at a construction site 6 days a week and then went to the gym. Due to hard work, he received many injuries, underwent 5 operations on the hips. At 43, he had a completely crushed plate in his leg in one of the sparings. Martial arts had to be abandoned, but Gwen was so used to training that he began to devote more time to strength training.

Gwen became very interested in bodybuilding. He began to train hard and even compete.

Thanks to his brutal appearance, Gwen Reckers received an advertising contract with the Gymkiller brand. These photos scattered across the network and gave Gwen great popularity, which, however, he does not really need.

Gwen Reckers leads a simple, even ascetic lifestyle. He loves three things, his bike, his wife and helping people. Iron training helps him to find harmony between body and mind. Training pulled him out of a seemingly stalemate.

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Now 55 years old, Reckers is in great shape. The only leg injuries prevent you from fully training the lower body. But Gwen motivates a lot of people and simply has no right to back down! He is a prime example of how the soul can be healed through training the body.

Helping people
Gwen Reckers is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience in solving life’s difficult problems with people. Therefore, I took up training not for ordinary people, but for clients with mental disorders. Gwen believes that they are close to him in spirit and he knows how to help them.

Gwen has a wife and children. His wife has also come a long way. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. But she was able to heal the disease. Gwen’s wife also trains and fully shares his hobbies.

Gwen Reckers looks like a very tough man, but in fact has a big kind heart. He helps people whom many have turned away from, whom they have put an end to. Appearances can be deceiving indeed!

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