Harry Potter: 10 franchises that tried to repeat the success, but failed

Harry Potter turned out to be such a powerful franchise that many wanted to repeat this success, but could not. Harry has gained a solid fan base, he is loved by adults and children, a whole generation has grown up on films and books about Harry. And, undoubtedly, a lot of money has been made from this franchise, and it continues to earn. For film companies, this is a great example of a good investment. Many wanted to achieve such success, but no one has succeeded yet!

10 I am the fourth
Alex Pettyfer managed to star in several family franchises, all of them were not successful enough. Yes, the actor is pretty cute, but he never managed to become the new Harry. You can watch the film I – the Fourth, but no one will revise it over and over again.

The sci-fi drama featuring superpowers was quite successful, but still, something was missing.

9 Maze Runner
Both critics and audiences have greeted this franchise warmly enough. The adaptation of the popular novel came out great. Everything played here, both the stellar cast and the plot.

This franchise had every chance, but as the Hunger Games, for example, gained momentum, the Maze Runner, on the contrary, lost the viewer with each film, and the fees decreased.

8 Fantastic Beasts
How did it get on the list? Yes, the world is the same as in Harry Potter, but still, the plots are very different, and the characters do not overlap, so the critters can be considered a separate franchise.

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The first part, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, received great success. He was watched in the wake of Harry’s success and the whole film turned out to be exciting and even touching. But already the second film – the crime of Grindelwald, did not go to the viewer.

7 Lemony Snicket – 33 misfortunes
The series is based on the novels by Daniel Hendler. Lemony Snicket revolves around the troubled life of the Baudelaire children – Violet, Klaus and the sun, after the death of their parents, they move from one foster family to another. Count Olaf (Jim Carrey) is in pursuit of his fortune.

They tried to shove three books of the series into the film, which played negatively on the plot. The Netflix series turned out to be even better.

6 Stormbreaker
It is a rare blockbuster, mostly backed by British production, and Anthony Horowitz’s source material is described as “Harry Potter meets James Bond.” A teenager named Alex Ryder becomes an MI6 agent and has to face a villain who wants to launch a megavirus.

The film did not succeed in surpassing the success of the book series (very popular in Britain). By the way, the film companies do not want to give up the idea of ​​making money on the franchise. More recently, the series Alex Ryder came out. Maybe it will come to the viewer?

5 The story of a vampire
Darren Sheng was just an ordinary boy until he went to the freak circus. A series of unpleasant events leads to the fact that the teenager makes a bloody deal.

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The film is quite atmospheric, but too dark for everyone to like. In the wake of Harry and Twilight’s popularity, he simply had no chance. The film got its own niche audience, but failed at the box office.

4 The Seventh Son
The Seventh Son is based on the first book of The Chronicles of Wardstone, this dark fantasy, where the events unfold around a boy who happens to be the seventh son of the seventh son. And he is destined to fight evil.

All in all, all is well, but there is nothing unusual that would catch the viewer like Harry. The next parts never came out, which in itself speaks of failure.

3 Ender Games
Moving on to science fiction. Based on Orson Scott Card’s bestselling book, this sci-fi space adventure focuses on Ender Wiggin, a young Space Cadet who has demonstrated excellence in field training and is chosen to fight alien invaders.

Everything is fine here, both the special effects and the cast, the idea is also not bad, but something was still not enough for full development.

2 Chronicles of predatory cities
Steampunk is a fairly popular trend now, and the development of such a plot could be interesting.

How beautiful these huge mechanisms of moving cities are. But, firstly, the film lacks a certain logic. And the heroes turned out to be a little cardboard. Did you like the idea itself? Read the source.

1 Eragon
In 2006, the studio adapted the first book by Christopher Paolini from the Eragon series … Ed Speleers plays the main character who finds the dragon egg. His connection with the dragon, Sapphire (Rachel Weisz), brings him to the realization of his true destiny.

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Like other similar film adaptations, it was criticized by fans of the books for a strong deviation from the source and insufficient transfer of the amazing world of dragons. The fans did not go, and this is the first audience for such franchises.

0 Bonus. Percy Jackson
The film company even hired the same director that shot the Philosopher’s Stone, Chris Columbus. This is the most successful franchise, and the most similar to Harry. Instead of magical power, here is the blood of the gods. There is also a special boy here, a special place for training special kids, there is even a best friend and a smart girlfriend. There is also a battle between good and evil, everything is strictly according to the canon.

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