Harry Potter: 10 professor mistakes that got them into big trouble

In the Potterian, there are not young punctures from children, but they can be understood, they are just learning, getting their life experience. But fatal mistakes by adults are much more difficult to justify. Consider 10 mistakes made by Hogwarts professors.

10. Slughorn told Tom Riddle about the Horcruxes

Slughorn was a Slytherin and a purebred wizard. But, unlike others, he did not consider Muggleborns below his attention. Slughorn gathered talented young magicians around him. He relied on abilities, and gradually acquired connections.

Naturally, he couldn’t miss Tom Riddle. He was so vain that he fell for the tricks of the young man and told more than he followed. Slughorn regretted what he had done, but that would not correct his mistakes.

9. Snape told Voldemort about the prophecy

Snape overheard Dumbledore and Sibyl Trelawney’s conversation as she uttered the real prophecy. Snape, being a Death Eater at the time, relayed the information to Voldemort. Unfortunately, Snape later becomes desperate to learn that Voldemort believes that the prophecy refers to the son of the woman he loves, Lily Evans.

Although Voldemort agreed to Snape’s plea not to kill Lily, he ultimately reneges on his word when Lily defends Harry.

8. Dumbledore didn’t realize that Moody was an impostor

Albus Dumbledore is considered one of the most brilliant wizards of his time, and he definitely deserves this title. At the beginning of the Harry Potter series, he seems almost omnipotent and omniscient. However, the Goblet of Fire challenges the system. Moody and Dumbledore knew each other, but he did not notice the fraud.

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7. Lokons released Cornish pixies

Well, yes, this is not so much a fatal mistake, but nonetheless. Actually, the fact that Lockons became a teacher can be credited to Dumbledore’s mistakes. How can you be so frivolous about the selection of personnel, and hire a person who steals other people’s achievements? Dumbledore is losing a point of his discernment over and over again.

6. Hagrid breeds dangerous animals

We all love the kind-hearted Hagrid, but he has a lot of pedagogical mistakes. He brought a dangerous creature to the very first lesson – the beak. Everyone agreed that Draco was to blame. But when it comes to teenagers, isn’t it reasonable to assume that they may be fooling around and acting defiantly. Starting with dangerous creatures is not the best choice.

5.In Madame Trick’s lessons, safety precautions were not followed

In the first flight lesson, Neville Longbottom broke his arm while driving. Not everyone is born with the same flying ability. And really, for so many years of the existence of magic, no one has invented at least some kind of safety spell. Quidditch itself is pretty dangerous. It is strange that every year at least one schoolchild does not die from falling from a broomstick.

4.Professor Lupine forgets to drink the potion

Lupine only decided to teach after Severus agreed to brew a wolf aconite potion for him. But, at the crucial moment, he forgets to take the potion. A lot of events have happened, but it is even more impossible to forget about safety in such a situation. Lupine himself realized his mistake and hastened to resign. But, after all, he could cripple someone.

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3. Umbridge insulted the centaurs

Dolores Umbridge is the most hated professor at Hogwarts. When Umbridge discovers that Harry, Ron, and Hermione have broken into her office, Hermione tells her that they can show her Dumbledore’s “secret weapon” hidden in the Forbidden Forest.

While in the forest, Umbridge, Harry and Hermione encounter a group of centaurs. Umbridge, being a self-confident fanatic, starts a fight with the centaurs, and they take her to the forest. Is she really so uneducated that she doesn’t know how to handle centaurs.

2. Terrible Eye (Barty Crouch) taught unforgivable curses

The real Alastor Muddy never taught at Hogwarts, but Barty Crouch gave inappropriate things on his behalf. Allegedly with good intentions, he taught children unforgivable spells. Another question. Where was Dumbledore looking?

1. Quirrell found Voldemort

We don’t know much about Quirrell before he managed to track down Voldemort. He was very ambitious, thinking he could handle it. Why, the stronger magicians did not look for him in order to finally destroy him, and only the weak magician Quirrell decided on this, we were not told. But this character clearly overestimated his strength and chose the wrong side.

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