Harry Potter: 7 magic spells that have never been shown in films

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The main assistant, friend and weapon of any wizard in the world of J.K. Rowling is a magic wand. But in order for the magic wand to work magic, you need to perform a magical action, which is accompanied by a magic formula.

In “Harry Potter” was a lot of spells that have captured the imagination of readers around the world. But not everyone made it to the movies. Let’s take a look at 7 spells that weren’t in the movies.

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The Apapneo spell only appeared once in the Harry Potter series, but it’s a really interesting and useful spell. It is used to clear the respiratory tract of a person from foreign objects, helps relieve choking or coughing.

The spell comes from the Greek “αναπνέω” , which means “I breathe . ” Viewers would most likely be better off not seeing the use of this spell in the movie, but it would be possible to insert and slightly expand the list of spells for those who are not familiar with the books.


Anteoculatia is an unpleasant but hilarious spell that makes antlers grow on someone’s head. This spell could have been a great visual element in movies, but unfortunately we didn’t see it.

This spell is mentioned in Goblet of Fire, and in Order of the Phoenix, one of the Weasleys used it against the Slytherin Pansy Parkinson in revenge for her work with the Inspection Squad.


Ferula is a fairly simple spell, but it opens many holes in the wizarding world (as many spells often do).

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Ferula is used to create dressings and is often used to support and splinter fractures. Remus used this spell on Ron’s leg in Prisoner of Azkaban . This raises a lot of questions, for example:

How do wizards create material objects out of thin air?
Apparently, the answer is simple – magic.

Spell of Loquacity

Viewers might like to see the Spell of Loquacity cast . It would be a fun visual image, but you can imagine what kind of work it would take to play excessive talkativeness to an actor whose character fell under such a spell.

In general, the existence of this spell raises questions, since in the book it was voiced only once by Goldenweed Lokons (who claimed to have cured the farmer of this spell), a notorious liar. Nevertheless, it is likely that the spell really exists, just Lokons once again appropriated someone else’s glory.


Waddivazi is another strange spell that Lupine used in Prisoner of Azkaban . This is a spell with which you can remove soft mass from a surface or hole and direct it towards the target or victim. It was commonly used by students to throw chewing gum at each other.

Lupine used this spell to knock the gum out of the door lock and send it towards Peeves.


Glisseo is a fun spell that is almost useless in most cases. This is an old spell that has been used since the Middle Ages. Its main task is to turn the stairs into a slide.

The stairs to the girls ‘rooms are enchanted by this spell, since when the boys try to enter the girls’ rooms, the steps turn into a slide. Hermione also used this spell in DS to avoid the Death Eaters, but the films omitted that.

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The spell of eternal glue

There is a spell (no known formula) that permanently sticks one object to another. Obviously, powerful wizards and sorceresses do not need Muggle things like glue or tape.

The spell was mentioned many times – Sirius wondered if his mother used to stick the painting to the wall, Fred and George suggested sticking the prefect badge to Ron’s forehead, and it was even used in the prime minister’s office.

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