Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. All that remained incomprehensible

We often come across moments in books that are incomprehensible to us. These are not always plot holes. And it often happens that the author inventing his own world takes something for granted, but the reader cannot get into the author’s head, and these moments remain unclear to him.

1. How do Muggleborns get to Hogwarts?

We know that Hermione’s parents were proud of their daughter when she received an invitation to a magic school. This fact itself raises a lot of questions. Just imagine yourself as the parent of an 11 year old. Suddenly a letter arrives with an invitation to a magic school. How will you, an adequate adult, react to this? The question is rhetorical.

Let’s say they believed. There is a list of textbooks and school supplies. Where to buy them? You are Muggles and know nothing about Diagon Alley, and there is no volatile powder to travel around fireplaces.

Could Harry have gotten to Hogwarts if he hadn’t met the Weasleys? I think no. For him, maybe someone came, but for those who received an invitation, but did not come, someone will worry about them.

The path to Hogwarts turns into a real quest.

2. Points and penalties

At the beginning of the book, 5, maximum 10 points appear as rewards or punishments. But already in the 14-15th chapter the teachers get wild and start to select more and more points. So Professor McGonagall caught Malfoy in the corridor at night and took away 20 points, and a little later, she immediately took 50 points from the members of her faculty. How fair?

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3. Strange punishment

Something is happening in the forest, unicorns are being killed, which is out of the ordinary, and means that there is someone desperate and angry. Four schoolchildren are sent there as punishment, led by a forester who cannot use magic. Who will save them all if an evil dark magician is there?

Further more. Kind Hagrid sends Draco with Neville with a cowardly dog. Sensing the danger, the tat will be the first to wash off, which is what happened. If something happens, send up red sparks, and we will know where to look for the corpse. Hogwarts is the safest place!

4. Children risked in vain

Hagrid, along with the children, saw someone covered with a robe drinking the blood of a unicorn. What followed after that? A detachment of Aurors was sent into the forest, or at least the teaching staff went to find out who it is and how to deal with it?

A unicorn was found in the forest, from which they drank blood. They sent the children and the forester, at the risk of their lives, to watch someone drinking the blood of a unicorn. All! No consequences other than psychological trauma.

5. Mirror of desires

I understand that this is necessary for the plot, and even Harry at the end of the book voices it, but still. A mirror is a rather dangerous object, it quickly becomes addictive, it attracts, and a person can forget about real life, completely immersed in the world of desires.

The mirror is not kept under lock and key, in a safe and secure place, but in an open classroom, where curious students can easily get into. It is strange that the same Weasley brothers did not find this mirror, and maybe they did. Harry went to the mirror for several days, Dumbledore knew this, but he did not stop it immediately, but allowed the student to plunge into a fantasy world.

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6. Safely hidden philosopher’s stone

The stone is hidden in Hogwarts, as in one of the most reliable places. Each teacher leaves his test. It is a test, not a spell of a high level of difficulty.

It turns out that almost any smart magician can get the stone. If even freshmen have coped with this, can this be considered a reliable defense?

7.about the stone again

At the end of the book, Dumbledore informs Harry that the Philosopher’s Stone was destroyed, with the consent of Nicholas Flamel. Is it not clear until this moment that Voldemort will go in search of him? If he’s so dangerous, why wasn’t he destroyed right away? (The book wouldn’t exist then)

8. Quirrell had to get the stone from the mirror

Oddly enough, but this is true.

I’m glad you asked this question. This was one of my most brilliant ideas. You see, I made it so that only someone who wants to find a stone – find it, not use it – can do it.

Quirrell was not going to personally use the stone, because he tried to please his master, and get the stone for him, not for himself.

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