He worked at a construction site, survived 5 operations, but did not give up! The story of the brutal Gwen Reckers.

I already made a story about this athlete on MIM, and it was called: “His brutality just rolls over”, this video got 1.7 million views by some miracle, and you know, then I had no idea who this person was and who was on in fact, the story lies behind this brutal appearance. More than two years have passed, I have changed my approach in terms of content creation and this time contacted Gwen Reckers personally, he approached the creation of this plot with great enthusiasm, threw me a lot of specially filmed material, told an incredible story of his life, which I will share with you.

And I will start today with a small pronunciation lesson, because as soon as our today’s hero was not called on the Internet – both Juan and Juan, as I once did, but neither one nor the other is true. Since this is a Spanish name, and the athlete himself hails from the incredibly beautiful island of Curacao in the Caribbean Sea. So the letter “J” reads like “G” by Gwen Reckers. Looking at this athlete, you may have very conflicting feelings. Beard, tattoos, muscles. It looks pretty harsh, doesn’t it? But tell me, would you think that this athlete is training people with mental disabilities, people who are usually discarded and often rejected by society?Well, apparently not, because we are used to judging people by their appearance, but as practice shows, it does not always reflect the real personality that is hidden behind it. Since childhood, Gwen himself suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, borderline personality deficit and depression. All this is a rather serious psychological illness that once nearly ruined Gwen’s life. Sports literally saved his life , Reckers said, bringing the calm and emotional control that patients with these disorders need so much. Therefore, he trains his clients in the gym.

Gwen admits that people with mental disabilities are like blood brothers to him. They are very often shunned, called strange or freaks, but in fact, in these people there is often a great talent hidden, which is not allowed to reveal itself. Using his example, Reckers tries to motivate and help these people. And the example from it, I tell you, is very, very worthy.

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At the age of 20, the hero of today’s plot became addicted to coke and weed, which he had been using for three years. Of course, in our conversation with him, I did not ask for details, but Gwen himself admitted that he quit because it ruined his life. From the moment he signed up for the gym, he stopped taking them. And since every day Reckers has to deal with addicted people , he quickly recalls his negative experiences and this only pushes him to never return to his former life.

Moreover, even without this, Gwen Rcker’s life was by no means easy. The athlete survived the death of his father and several friends during his life. He also underwent 5 hip surgeries. By the way, it is for this reason that the athlete does not train his legs as hard as he could, increasing the number of repetitions instead of adding weights to the bar. The athlete also experienced 4 accidents at a construction site , which we will talk about a little later, 3 very painful hip fractures, a navel hernia and breast surgery.And all this for me personally sounds like one continuous life-long test. However, Reckers himself claims that this is life, and many people are simply not ready for it. After all, they are too spoiled by what is called “Luxury style”, constantly posting pictures of their cars and luxurious life on Instagram. But as Gwen says, I quote: “To hell with all this, I don’t care how many cars you have, how big your house is, or how many times a year you go on vacation. I love people who are ready to work, who help others to become better, those who fight for their dreams and ideals. ” Therefore, the athlete expresses his respect to those who struggle despite the circumstances. Such people, according to him, never leave everything half way and always go to the end.

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Now let’s talk a little about the reasons for so many operations. The fact is that the athlete had congenital problems, which he only exacerbated by working at a construction site, heavy squats and practicing such types of martial arts as: Krav Maga and Taekwondo.

By the way, the athlete worked at a construction site 6 days a week and at the same time performed in national competitions, however, after the birth of two children, he had to choose between work and a competitive career where, as you know, the first was much more important.

At the age of 43, Gwen had 2 metal plates in his thighs, one of which he completely destroyed during Krav Maga training . In fact, this was the reason to end martial arts forever, so as not to harm yourself even more. From the above, the athlete made a conclusion, which he advises you to take into account. You should not chase the scales, you never know for sure what consequences this can lead to. It makes much more sense to focus specifically on the neuromuscular connection. Especially if you don’t plan on making bodybuilding your career. Think of the target muscle group, let one rep take about four seconds and it will affect your muscles as well as a lot of weight.

In addition, it should be understood that building a body is a life-long process . It is important not only to force yourself to go to the gym, but to love what you are doing, because motivation will never last long if it does not come from your heart. Everyone wants a beautiful body, but so few people are willing to work for it. Therefore, just pull yourself together and start working. You won’t die from hard work, Reckers says.

In general, looking at this athlete and his wife, one thing can be said, these two are definitely suitable for each other. Both are in great shape, both are fighters with an incredible history and both are extremely motivated to live and not give up when difficulties arise. For those who do not know, Gwen Joyce’s wife had breast cancer, I talked about this in the last issue, and not so long ago, three years after the diagnosis, she finally managed to cope with this disease. According to Reckers, she is an incredibly strong woman who never complained and even with this diagnosis, she still continued to exercise. I am very glad that now everything is in order. Joyce now works at Dragon Coaching with her husband helping people with mental health problems.

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Of course, I could not help but ask how they managed to keep the relationship at all, because judging by the photographs , they love each other, and not just live together. To which Gwen replied: “The secret of a long-term relationship, in my opinion, is to communicate with each other and never try to just change one partner for another. My wife is the mother of my children and I respect her. You know, it’s very easy to cheat on her. But try to turn the situation around and introduce your wife to another man. It hurts you, doesn’t it? You will have to build a new life from scratch, leave your children, it will hurt them as well. So what is all this for? ” Many people simply do not understand that living with one person for so long, your life will inevitably become more stressful and only work on yourself and your relationships can help you go through your whole life together.

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