Hope prevailed: top 5 games whose plots end on a sad note

Long gone are the days when the ending in movies or games had to be kind. Many gamers now love to be the “bad guys” and end the plot as bloody and sad as possible. The developers are aware of this desire, and therefore more and more projects offer us the variability of the plot completion.

Disclaimer: The concept of “cool” in these games is based on my personal opinion. And it may not be the same as yours, so consider this point!

Spec Ops: The Line
Hope prevailed: top 5 games whose plots end on a sad note

It is quite a solid and extremely underestimated by the audience shooter, where we “work” for the American military in Dubai destroyed by desert storms. The main character must find a traitor who has introduced martial law in the city, but this mission will not end very well for Walker.

In total, there are 4 options for endings in the game, and all of them … Let’s just say, they are not as positive as we would like. In some, Walker dies, in others – survives, but the hero’s fate is still unenviable. In short, a happy ending in The Line is definitely not worth waiting for.

Until dawn
Hope prevailed: top 5 games whose plots end on a sad note

It is worth starting with the fact that the very gameplay of this game in the format of an interactive movie implies the death of heroes. Of course, the developers have foreseen the worst development scenario with the death of absolutely all characters, but there is an opportunity to save both their part and the whole group.

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That’s just, even in this case, after waiting for the end of the credits, you can see how one of the characters overtook an unenviable fate. In short, there are no perfect endings here, and every decision will necessarily have sad consequences.

Life is Strange
Hope prevailed: top 5 games whose plots end on a sad note

You’ve probably heard a lot about this game. Here, too, there is a very deep variability in the development of the plot, which affects the finale. Despite the ability to manipulate time, Max will have to make very difficult choices and sacrifice someone. On the one hand, we have our best friend Chloe, on the other, the population of the whole town.

Of course, many can say, like, I’m also a tragedy, I sacrifice the city – I don’t really care about these little people. Of course, but let’s think about it, if such a choice stood in reality? Even the death of strangers affects the psyche, let alone the whole city.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Hope prevailed: top 5 games whose plots end on a sad note

The secret disciple of Darth Vader also had to torment his own conscience. At the end of the plot, when Starkiller will lean towards the side of the world, he will have to engage in battle with his mentor, after which the dark Lord Palpatine himself will appear in the arena with his constant lightning.

When the old man, disfigured by the dark Force, tries to kill his next victim, Starkiller will have to make a choice: help the Emperor or become his enemy. In the first case, the evil lord will betray you anyway and you will die, in the second … You will also die, but more noble. In short, wherever you spit, everywhere bummer.

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Dead rising
Hope prevailed: top 5 games whose plots end on a sad note

Yes, yes, the zombie apocalypse a priori cannot be a “good story”. However, I personally expected that at least one of the six ending in the very first part of the series will be positive. Hope remained for the final, in which Frank managed to fly by helicopter from an infected shopping center, but then we were “happily” informed that epidemic outbreaks had occurred in other parts of the world.

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