Horizon Zero Dawn – achievement guide

Here’s a detailed guide to getting all the achievements in Horizon Zero Dawn, the former PlayStation 4 exclusive, now available on PC. To get started, read the general information about the difficulty of obtaining all trophies / achievements, then with a little tips for passing, and finally with a detailed description of all the achievements.

Horizon Zero Dawn – achievement guide
General information:
Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10

Estimated time to complete all achievements: 40-50 hours

Offline: 56 achievements

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Online: 0 achievements

Missing Trophies: No

Glitchy Trophies: 1 – There was an issue with the achievement “Headshot 30 human enemies” on PS4. The statistics on kills and headshots can be buggy, which means that you will unlock battle loot later than you should. Keep playing until they open or reinstall the game.

Does the difficulty level affect achievements? : No. You can complete the game on easy difficulty.

Minimum number of playthroughs: 1

Welcome to the Horizon Zero Dawn Guide and Roadmap… This game is perfect for anyone who loves hitting platinum on PS4 or hitting the perfect game on Steam. As with most open world games, trophies in HZD are focused on overall completion. You must complete the story, complete side missions to gain additional allies, and find several types of collectibles. Luckily, you can buy in-game cards from merchants that show collectible locations. There are relatively few collectibles available and can be traded for some good in-game rewards at collectible vendors in Meridian City. One of the best pieces of equipment can be considered the Shield Weaver armor, because it makes you invincible (absorbs all damage). Try to get it as early as possible and find 5 fuel cells, when you go through story missions. Horizon Zero Dawn is considered one of the best PlayStation exclusives and should be a joy to complete the game. Trophies are easy to get. Even the tests on the hunting grounds are simple enough. If you have any problems with anything, come back later when you have more levels. After completing the storyline, you can still freely roam the world to collect all collectibles and complete side quests.

Step 1: Complete the story to the mission “In the face of death”, collect 5 fuel cells
The first step is to complete the story up to the main quest “In the face of death”. This is the final story quest at the very end of the game. Don’t run it yet. This is important because you need to get the All allies joined trophy. To get all optional allies to join the final battle, you must complete certain side quests. Only after recruiting all additional allies should you start the last quest. If you have already completed the last mission, you can restart it as often as you like. You can definitely still get the trophy for all allies after completing the story. In addition, your choices in dialogs are irrelevant as they do not affect allies.

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Collect 5 Fuel Cells in the main missions. Four of them are located in the locations of story missions. You can come back at any time to collect them, even after the story ends. It will save a little time if you get them as soon as possible. This is needed for the Got the Shield-Weaver outfit trophy. You will receive armor that will make you invincible. The sooner you get it, the better. Grab whatever collectibles you come across and feel free to take part in any side activities like cauldrons or clearing out bandit camps. Play these games however you want.

Step 2: Find all additional allies, collectibles and complete the “side effects”
Before starting the main quest “In the face of death”, complete and complete all 11 side quests required for “All allies joined”. Your choice in dialogues does not matter.

Also collect all collectibles, clear all bandit camps and complete the remaining side activities. Technically, you can still do these things after the final mission because the game goes into free exploration mode. The last mission can also be played over and over again. In the best case scenario, you have all the trophies at the moment, except for the last story trophy and all the allies who have joined it.

Step 3: Finish the story campaign
Now that you’ve completed the side quests for all your allies, it’s time to finish the final story mission. This should give you the remaining trophies and platinum. If you are still missing something else, you can do it in Free Mode after completing the story.

Collectibles and Side Activity Icons:

= 12 ancient vessels

= 6 bandit camps

= 6 Banuk figurines

= 4 boilers

= 11 infected zones

= 5 hunting grounds (15 challenges)

= 30 metallic colors

= 6 long necks

= 12 observation points

List of all achievements / trophies
Main game prizes
Trophy Get all prizes Get All Prizes
Received all the prizes in Horizon Zero Dawn platinum
Trophy Stealthily kill 10 cars Kill 10 Cars
Secretly You have killed 10 cars secretly. bronze
Trophy Kill 3 enemies using the Top Attack Kill 3 Enemies with Top Attack
Killed 3 enemies with Top Attack. bronze
Trophy Shoot down 10 components Shoot Down 10 Components
You knocked 10 components off vehicles during a battle. bronze
Trophy Kill 10 vulnerable vehicles Kill 10 Vulnerable Cars
You have killed 10 burning machines vulnerable to fire or frozen machines vulnerable to cold. bronze
Trophy Pluck 5 Heavy Weapons from vehicles Pluck 5 Heavy Weapons
from Vehicles You plucked 5 Heavy Weapons from vehicles during the battle. bronze
Trophy Take control of 7 types of vehicles Take over
control of 7 different types of vehicles Control over 7 different types of vehicles is unlocked and intercepted. bronze
Trophy Kill 30 human enemies with a headshot Kill 30 Human Enemies with a Headshot
Killed 30 Human enemies with a headshot. bronze
Trophy Knock down 23 Gum Targets Knock Down 23 Ruminant Targets
You have found and knocked down all Ruminant Targets in the lands of Burrow. bronze
Trophy First modification First Modification
You have modified a weapon or clothing with a coil or cloth. bronze
Trophy All miner-type vehicles destroyed All Loader Vehicles Destroyed
You have killed at least one of all Loader vehicles. bronze
Trophy All Scout-class vehicles destroyed All Scout
Vehicles Destroyed You have killed at least one of all Scout vehicles. bronze
Trophy All combat vehicles destroyed All combat vehicles destroyed
You have killed at least one instance of all combat vehicles bronze
Trophy All transporter type vehicles destroyed All Transporter Vehicles Destroyed
You have killed at least one of all Transporter vehicles. bronze
Trophy Reach level 10 Reach Level
10 You have reached level 10. bronze
Trophy Reach level 25 Reach Level
25 You have reached level 25. bronze
Trophy Reach level 40 Reach Level
40 You have reached level 40. bronze
Trophy Reach level 50 Reach Level
50 You have reached level 50. bronze
Trophy Master all available skills Master All Available Skills
You have mastered all available skills. bronze
Trophy Take Over Longneck
Take control of the long-necked You climbed onto the long-necked and extracted information from it. bronze
Trophy Clear the Bandit Camp Clear Out the Bandit Camp
You have recaptured a settlement from bandits. bronze
Trophy Take over core control
Take over control of the kernel You have reached the kernel of the boiler and extracted information from it. bronze
Trophy All suns within the same land All Suns Within One
Range You have won the Half Sun or higher prestige mark in all three Challenges within the same hunting area. bronze
Trophy Shining suns within the same land Shining Suns Within the Same Range
You have conquered Shining Suns in all three Challenges within the same hunting area. bronze
Trophy Clear the infected area Clear Infested Area
You have killed all infected machines in the infected area. bronze
Trophy Take over control of all long-necks
Take Over All Longnecks You have extracted information from all longnecks. silver
Trophy Clear all Rogue Camps Clear All Bandit Camps
You have captured all the bandits’ settlements. silver
Trophy Take over control of all cores
Take over control of all cores You have visited all the boilers and extracted information from all cores silver
Trophy All suns in all lands All Suns
Across All Lands You have won the Half Sun or higher prestige mark in all Hunting Land Challenges. silver
Trophy Shining suns in all lands Shining Suns Across All Lands
You have conquered the shining sun across all hunting grounds trials. gold
Trophy Clear all infected areas Clear All Infected Zones
You have killed all infected machines in all infected zones. silver
Trophy Scan all vehicle types Scan All Vehicle Types
You have scanned all vehicle types. bronze
Trophy Find a vantage point Find vantage point
You have found and activated the vantage point. bronze
Trophy Find metal flower Find Metal Flower
You have found an unusual metal flower. bronze
Trophy Find Banuk Figurine Find Banuk Figurine
You have found a figurine carved by a Banuk traveler. bronze
Trophy Find Ancient Vessel Find Ancient Vessel
You have found an ancient vessel that belonged to one of the Forerunners. bronze
Trophy Find all viewpoints Find All Viewpoints
You have found and activated all viewpoints. bronze
Trophy Find all metal flowers Find All Metal Flowers
You have found all metal flowers. bronze
Trophy Find all Banuk Figures Find All Banuk Figures
Found all Arnak Figures. bronze
Trophy Find all Ancient Vessels Find All Ancient Vessels
You have found all Ancient Vessels. bronze
Trophy Get Clothes Shield Weaver Retrieve Shield Weaver’s Clothes
You’ve found an ancient technology. bronze
Trophy Follow Rasta Directions Follow Rasta
Directions You have learned to hunt under the guidance of a Rast. bronze
Trophy Defeat Razortooth Defeat Razortooth
You have slain a Razortooth that threatened the Nora tribe. bronze
Trophy Win the Initiation Win the Initiation
You outflank your opponents and win the Initiation. bronze
Trophy Defeat Infection Defeat Infection
Destroyed the infected machines that invaded the Nora Valley. bronze
Trophy Comprehend the secrets of the past Comprehend the Secrets of the Past
You comprehend the secrets of the past in the Master’s Reach. bronze
Trophy Collapse the Eclipse Net Collapse the Eclipse Net
You have infiltrated the Eclipse camp and brought down their net. bronze
Trophy Find out the truth Learn the Truth
You have learned the truth about New Dawn. bronze
Trophy Remove the siege of the Great Mother End the siege of the Great Mother
You defeated the invaders and infiltrated the Sacred Mountain bronze
Trophy Get a powerful weapon Retrieve Powerful Weapon
You have examined Fallen Mountain and obtained a powerful weapon. bronze
Trophy Enlist the support of all allies Enlist the Support of All Allies
Inspired by Aloy’s example, all possible allies rose to defend Meridian. bronze
Trophy End War Machines End War Machines
You have done away with ancient war machines. gold
Trophy Win with the Chieftain Win with the Chieftain
You found Chieftain Nora and defeated the assassin squad in the Iron Ring. bronze
Trophy Save Meridian Save Meridian
You helped Erend find out what happened to Erza and avert the threat from Meridian. bronze
Trophy Help Runaways Help the Runaways
You helped Uchid and King Itamen escape the Karh of Darkness. bronze
Trophy Slay Grumpy with Talana
You and Talana have made great strides in the Hunter’s House with Talana and helped Talana defeat Brazen.

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