How did Skyrim end? And why is this question?

Question – “How did Skyrim end?” It may seem strange, because at least once, but the main quest was completed by everyone. Filled Alduin under the wonderful sky of Sovngarde and that’s it – a happy ending.

The fact is that since it was announced The Elder Scrolls VI – a lot of articles and videos are circulating on the Internet devoted to discussions about where the events of the game will take place, in what part of Tamriel, as well as around what the plot will be built. But in order to understand what will happen next, you need to understand where the previous, fifth part ended.

If we talk about the main quest, then Alduin is defeated, but not completely destroyed. Perhaps this will be news to some. In the event of a victory over ordinary dragons, the dovahkin absorbs his soul and thereby kills him forever, he can no longer be resurrected by the same Alduin. And in the case of Alduin himself, the Dragonborn does not absorb his soul, he simply “explodes”. So he will come back, but probably “at the end of time”, when there will be a time allotted “in cosmology” for him. And it will not be so soon, so it is removed from the plot.

The political situation is more complicated. As I wrote more than once, the relationship between the Thalmor and the Empire is nothing more than a respite before the next war. During the previous one, both sides suffered too heavy losses, including in “manpower” and at least one more generation of soldiers should be born and grow up. At the time of the end of Skyrim, 26 years had passed since the Great War, so … a “second series” of conflict can be expected pretty soon.

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I must say that the Thalmor used the respite much more effectively than the Empire. If at the beginning of the war, Cyrodiil, Skyrim, Hammerfell, Highrock and Orsinium were fighting the invaders in a united front, now Hammerfell and Highrok (+ Orsinium) have left the Empire, Skyrim is weakened by the partisans of the Outlands and the civil war, which not only cost the lives of many warriors of Skyrim, but also pulled the troops from Cyrodiil.

Moreover, an emperor was killed on the territory of Skyrim, which would not strengthen the relationship between Cyrodiil and Scarim. And there will be no order in Cyrodiil itself.

In the case of the Thalmor, unlike the Empire, the war did not pass in its lands, the Summerset Isles. The civilian population is intact, the cities are intact, the forges are intact and forge weapons and armor. There was also ample time to steal their rule over Valenwood and Elsweyr.

Much depends on when the plot of the Sixth part begins. This could be 10 or 500 years after the end of Skyrim. But something can be assumed.

It is safe to say that Cyrodiil and Skyrim will be conquered and quickly enough. In the case of Hammerfell, things are not so simple. Either it will be surrounded on all sides, or the elves have already invaded and the war with the invaders is already going on on several fronts.

In a global sense, the struggle can go for the destruction of the Adamantium Tower, which can lead to the destruction of Nirn, and because of such stakes, the Daedric Princes can join the fun.

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