How does it feel to be a kept woman? Terrible consequences

Unfortunately, escort as a “profession” is gaining more and more popularity among young and pretty girls. This is not at all surprising, because in our country a woman can realize herself, of course, unlike in the East, but anyway, it is incredibly difficult to do this alone.

Here’s how, for example, to give birth and raise a child if there is no support from parents and husband? The allowance is a penny for cat food, maternity often and even less for canary food, because the gray salary is still booming. So you have to either look for a candidate to get involved in the mortgage, but where to get them all, or go to an escort.

The work of the ex-lady seems at first very attractive, because it is not prostitution! But there are few differences, it’s like a prostitute, only you have a regular customer. And then another permanent one. But, the bonuses are too large, you can not plow at the factory for a meager salary, relaxing in the country, and do some kind of creativity like felting beads from felt on the background of oceans and hotels, take beautiful pictures on Instagram and attract new sponsors if the old one suddenly decides that he needs a younger or higher escort.

After all, it’s not only beautiful escort girls who are quoted, the famous ones, spotted on TV, or something famous, are quoted. You can make any silicone breast and lips, but get someone like Sobchak or Borodina …

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In general, the life of an escort girl is short, and having earned it, she inevitably leaves the “profession”. This is where nightmares begin. If earlier, sitting in an airplane seat next to an unsportsmanlike balding piece of fat, you could convince yourself that you had given us a mantle, but we were flying to Tahiti, and Anka and Verka and their snotty children had been at home for a year, because their husbands were engineers, plowing for the sake of a “chimera.”

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But when it ends, fear begins. Fear that everyone will find out about this, fear that they already know and secretly laugh, fear never to find a mate, because sooner or later the candidate for princes will learn about the dark past of the “princess”. Yes, and the psyche just collapses and breaks, because when sold, a person alienates his own body from himself, as if he perceives it not as himself, but as a tool for making money.

Of course, we all use parts of ourselves for this — our knowledge, skills, and even manual labor. But this is not at all the same as the merging of physical boundaries. As a result, the dissociation that awaits escort girls can make them patients of a psychiatric hospital for many years.

The girls who applied to the Help group can be advised to tie up with the “profession” as soon as possible, without nodding at any reasons such as “you need to feed small children”. For who will feed them if the mother, unaware of herself, will lie in the room under the sedative?

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