How the Empire will recapture Skyrim from the brothers of the storm (without Dovahkiin’s help).

Ulfric Stormcloak and his followers were able to turn many Nords against the Empire. Having achieved some success in the war, they were able to equalize forces and begin preparations for the decisive battle.

In his article ( Why aren’t the Stormcloaks losing the Empire? ) I noted that General Tuliy is careful and pragmatic, so he prefers not to take risks, but to act for sure.

This caution may well lead him to triumph. Suffice it to say that the Imperials were close to victory. Only the appearance of Alduin and the awakening of the dragons saved the rebels from the chopping block.

Unfortunately, Alduin also saved Dovahkiin. The Dragonborn stopped the war, until the firstborn of Akatosh is defeated – the Legion and the Storm Brothers will declare a truce. This is what Tuliy will take advantage of.

Consequences of the truce

The war with active partisan actions was in the hands of Ulfric. But the truce makes it possible to arrange the supply of weapons and provisions from Cyrodiil. Of course, without the constant ambushes of the brothers of the storm, caravans will reach more complete.

Also, the truce will give Tulia the opportunity to deal with large gangs of bandits in the controlled territory. This is very important, because it was the bandit chieftains who occupied the ruins of Helgen and the fort of Neigrad, which stands in front of the White Pass.

It is known that from Cyrodiil’s side, there is another legion preparing to come to Thulius’s aid. Control of Fort Neigrad will ensure easy access once the rubble in the White Passage is cleared.

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Rift Strike

Under the blow, the Rift and the surrounding lands will immediately fall. The city will not be able to resist the assault. Indeed, in addition to the legionnaires, outside the walls, inside the city are the Maven people.

Most likely, they will commit a night sabotage, kill the guards and open the gates. After that, the battle will begin in the city. The Jarl will be captured or killed, and the defenders will have nothing left but surrender.

After the capture of the Rift, Jarl Balgruf will join Thulius and together they will march to Eastmarch.

Rise of Balgruf

It is important to note something here. Jarl Balgruf is highly respected among the Nords, respected even by Ulfric and many of the stormbrothers.

After Dovahkiin’s victory over Alduin, all the bards will sing about the hero who saved the world. And, of course, they will sing of those who helped him. Naturally not the blades, their participation was generally incognito and only a select few knew about their role.

They will sing about Balgruf, who bravely helped Dovahkiin in the capture of Odawing.

Balgruf is a cunning one, unlike the rest of the jarls, the gold of the Thalmor was used for important matters.
Balgruf is a cunning one, unlike the rest of the jarls, the gold of the Thalmor was used for important matters.
“Modest” Balgruf, “reluctantly”, will agree with his role. And the glory of the dragonborn companion, will push the Nords to stand under the banner of Whiterun. It will also emerge that Balgruf is the heir to King Olaf and is quite worthy of the throne of Skyrim. And the fact that he is not married is generally a huge plus. After all, you can marry him to Elisif.

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Storm Brothers End

Ulfric will find himself in a difficult position. From the north-west Thulius will press, and from the south another legion will trample on him. Plus, Balgruf will cut off all routes to the west.

Once surrounded, and even with disloyal Dunmer inside the city, Ulfric will have to launch a desperate attack, breaking through to the north.

The Brothers of the Storm will try to destroy Thulia’s army in the northern lands. But they are not strong enough to quickly crush the legionnaires. Jarl Balgruf will have time to help, and the southern army will quickly receive information about the attack of Ulfric and rush to help, across the river.

Ultimately, Ulfric and Galmar will die. Most likely in a fierce battle, being surrounded on all sides. Ulfric will not surrender, as he knows perfectly well that the executioner awaits him. But I admit that General Tuliy will also die in this battle.

The outcome of the confrontation

Thousands of dead Nords is not the worst thing. Indeed, during the war, the country did not produce enough food. As a result, post-war famine and a difficult crime situation.

Marauders and bandits will seem like hamsters in comparison with the influx of necromancers (still, so much material for experiments).

The Dunmer will have a hard time. Those who aided the legion would be invaders in the eyes of the Nords. They will cease to oppress them, but quiet hatred is no better. Many will leave Eastmarch, for the Rift and Falkreath. Those who are richer will be able to move to Whiterun and Solitude.

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Perhaps the Dunmer will have a leader about whom there is a hint in the game.
Guess who it is 🙂

Balgruf will be elected high king, but he will have to marry Elisif so that no one has a desire to challenge this decision.

The cult of Talos will be banned and the Thalmor Dominion will lose the official reason for hunting down the worshipers of the hero-god.

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