How to be a successful ruler

We have already recalled many rulers of different parts of the world, religions, nationalities. But their fates are often very similar. Power changes people and often makes them alike. Therefore, we took the liberty of formulating a series of tips for future rulers. These recommendations arise from the mistakes made by the great rulers from the time of ancient civilizations to modern times.

Remember the people. Always. After all, he never forgets about you.
Take care of the well-being of the people.
Speak with the people. Unprepared in advance.
The people are far from all pure, beautiful, polite, educated, prosperous. Take it to everyone.
Take care of your inner circle. But do not believe them.
Do not allow your inner circle to take what you did not allow to take.
Do not take away anything. Even that which is acquired in an unjust way. If happened before you came to power.
Do not take revenge after coming to power to your former offenders.
The coming to power is the border. Take her for a starting point.
Do not correct the past and do not fight with it.
Create. Each action should be aimed at creation.

By showing violence, you show that this is permissible. It is easy to come from the world to violence. The return journey is not possible.
Do not leave anyone unpunished for crimes – this is the beginning of permissiveness.
The line between fair punishment and violence does not exist. The ability to balance between them is one of the foundations of a successful ruler.
Do not talk badly about your predecessors. No matter what qualities they possess, the people will be nostalgic for them, as in their youth.
Everyone will never love you. Whatever you do great, there will always be those who are dissatisfied (there are thousands of them!).
If there is one dissatisfied, and you decide to get rid of it, then a new one will be dissatisfied with the same, plus 3 dissatisfied with getting rid of the first. So each eliminated increases the number of dissatisfied four times.
The more rights you give to say those who are dissatisfied, the more they will be in front of you
Share with the dissatisfied authorities – appoint to responsible posts – the more chances they have to make mistakes and discredit themselves.
Listen to the dissatisfied, thank them for their help. Try to eliminate those disadvantages that present them with the foundation.
Remember that it gives people joy to love the ruler and topple him. It is desirable to spectacularly, so that there is something to be proud of.
In the cause of overthrow, everyone will try to be involved, regardless of proximity to you and well-being under your power. No one is interested in being a supporter of the ousted.
They can even warmly remember you later, but at first they will hate it.

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Do not create monuments to yourself in any form. Do not let anything be dedicated to you. Never.
What you create for the benefit of the people will be a memory of you.
Descendants are changing the past. If the lifetime monuments remain about you, they will be demolished. If there are none, they will create it.
These tips can be useful not only nationwide, but also within the organization, community, family.

Of course, the list is not complete, and cannot be exhaustive. Therefore, write in the comments, what else would you add. After all, someone can and will listen and change their behavior, even if only within their own circle.

Especially for you Alihanrin Alihan!

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