How to beat Specter in Dota 2?

Specter is the easiest carry in the game in the current meta, and it seems like many players don’t know how to play against her. This is a powerful core with surprisingly high damage. She is well placed in the lane, extremely versatile in the mid game, and also has great potential in the late game. So how do you deal with the hero?

A possibly unreliable but quite effective way of dealing with Specter is by stripping her of her passive skills: Dispel. Although Silver Edge no longer depends on the primary attribute and does not suit as well as any hero in the game before, it can be collected on most melee cows, regardless of their characteristics.

It’s a huge help if a hero with Silver Edge can actually use the short Break duration to deal significant damage. So, don’t try to collect this with the first artifact, unless invisibility, double hit, and added mana regeneration are not what your hero wants.

In addition, there are some heroes who have abilities to disable Specter passive skills. Viper is one of the most successful heroes against Specter as he forces Specter to buy BKB, which Specter rarely wants to collect. Another long forgotten option is Nyx Assassin, although it can be problematic to fit this hero into the peak: the hero has very low damage and needs very specific teammates who can synergize with him.

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This way of dealing with Specter isn’t bad, but you won’t have Silver Edge carrier in every game. In addition, the presence of Silver Edge is often not enough to cope with the hero. Characters with a built-in Break effect are great, but not ubiquitous. Therefore, other options need to be explored.

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Quite often, HP exchanges in team fights are inevitable; in the fight against Specter, supports should pay special attention to their maximum health. Desolate is a huge increase in DPS, but it relies heavily on target isolation. Keeping the whole team together is not always the best idea in Dota 2, but against Specter you need to stay relatively close to your teammates: the damage can be too much.

Another, pretty good option is to have summoned units at your disposal. The current Specter build rarely includes Radiance, instead players increasingly focus on the early Manta Style + Diffusal Blade combo.

In fact, Undying is probably one of the nicest Specter counteractions in the game, with zombies constantly appearing to ensure Desolate won’t fire most of the time.

It is really difficult for most cows to deal with Specter in 1v1 combat, but with an ally, and with anyone, this fight becomes much easier: without Desolate, Specter does not do much damage.

A unique aspect of Specter is that she can join any gank anywhere on the map as long as she has a Haunt. Remember when her ability is on cooldown and when not, and act accordingly.

One of the reasons Specter is so powerful in pubs is because its macro play is incredibly simple: you farm safely and can join any battle. If your team’s macro play is well thought out, you can make Specter waste his ultimate and use the advantage window wisely.

Specter is one of the most annoying heroes to deal with in pubs, but her win rate on the pro scene isn’t particularly impressive.

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The reason is that pub players end up poorly, and while Specter is not an indestructible late game monster like it used to be, its late game should be respected and avoided if possible.

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