How to become an esports player

Hello again, my dear friend, yesterday we touched upon the topic of the battle pass and rating battles, but how does this kitchen work and how you can accelerate your ascent to the professional arena, let’s start!

We have already talked with you about the rating tables that are available in each region, we also mentioned the MMR, your personal rating, both of these concepts will help you get into the world of esports faster. The thing is that in addition to large-scale tournaments in Dota 2, there are also dozens of smaller tournaments. Such tournaments are both local – such as usually take place in cities and almost any player can get there – by registering in advance and passing the selection, and general purpose, these are tournaments like Star Ledar, in which various teams participated, but it was based in one place … To push quickly into esports, you need a high rating and participation in several of these tournaments. At the moment, 7k is considered an indicative level of MMR. At the top of the esports food chain is over 10 kopecks – but it will come with time. With such a rating, you can easily register for some local tournament, debuting there under your nickname. Winning such a tournament will be a great start to your esports life – but losing won’t hurt you either. Team managers are often present at such tournaments, he is small to large, this is a great chance to declare yourself in front of people who are capable of taking you into a real e-sports team.

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Despite the workload of the e-sports echelon, there is still a lot of space, hence the emergence of more and more new teams under the auspices of global brands. If you manage to get such a manager and he invites you to the team – don’t be too happy, first read the contract carefully – which you will need to sign. Often in such contracts there are simply unthinkable requirements – the consequences of which you will feel immediately after the first monetary win.

If you are completely satisfied with the conditions and you are ready to join the team – congratulations, now you are an esports player. At the moment, major tournaments will not be available to you, since you have to play with your team and go through more than one tournament – in order to subsequently debut at a professional level.

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“What if there was no such manager at the tournament, what to do?” – in this case, everything is the same as before, you raise your skill and climb the rating ladder. There is a chance that you will not have to declare yourself – there are cases when managers themselves write to the players and offer cooperation – but this rarely happens.

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