How to cure a runny nose and sinusitis with beets and honey.

Good day. Recently I remembered one remedy that helps in the treatment of sinusitis and rhinitis. My wife under the age of 25 never had sinusitis, and then, out of nowhere, the disease appeared. The doctor insisted on making a puncture, but my wife refused and began to be treated with medication. The treatment gave its results, but not as effectively as desired. Then I suggested to my wife to try to treat the nose with drops of red beet juice with the addition of honey. My grandmother told me about this recipe. The wife agreed and made herself this mixture, which she began to drip regularly. After about a couple of days, she said she was feeling better. After the course of treatment with drops of red beet and honey, my wife had no nasal congestion for about a year. I will not argue that it was just these drops that helped, as she combined these drops with the medicines prescribed by the doctor. If you want to try to apply such drops from a cold or for the treatment of sinusitis, before you do them and self-medicate, you need to consult with your doctor. My wife personally did. And do not forget that a person can have an individual intolerance to both beets and honey. When self-medication should adhere to the principle: “Do no harm even more.”

Drops of red beet and honey are prepared very simply. It is necessary to wash and peel the beets. To get the juice will be enough half of the average beet. After that, beets need to grate on a fine grater. Grated beets need to squeeze through gauze or bandage to get the juice. Then you need to mix 3 tsp of beetroot juice with 1 tsp of honey. After that, the juice of beets and honey should be mixed. These drops should be applied 4-5 times a day, 3-4 drops in each nostril. If at the first instillation you experience a strong burning sensation in the nose, then in these drops you need to add one teaspoon of boiled water and mix the mixture. After that, you can continue the course of treatment. These drops can be used for the treatment of sinusitis, and for the treatment of a common cold. In winter, these drops will be very relevant. If you had useful information, but share it with friends, acquaintances and relatives. I wish in the coming New Year 2019 never to be sick. Thanks for attention.

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