How women in the 19th century managed to visit ladies’ rooms in their huge crinolines

The crinolines worn by ladies in the 19th century are, of course, beautiful. Lush rich dresses, balls, exquisite manners. Romanticism!

But each medal has a flip side. And if you ponder the habits of representatives of high society for a long time, you can think of the question: how did you go to the toilet in all these magnificent dresses?

The question is really very interesting. After all, as some historians write, there were no normal toilets either. Although, according to some reports, even Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15th century came up with something similar to a modern toilet. Even the water came down. But medieval Europe did not care about hygiene. I washed myself twice in my life – and all right. The second is not quite in life.

Of course, this was not always the case. And it’s not really about that. However.

Another problem: ladies and gentlemen of the 19th century didn’t really want to get up from the table during all kinds of feasts. Especially cavaliers did not rush to the toilet rooms as needed. There was a way to do everything on the spot. There is such an opinion.

The female half of humanity has always been more beautiful and refined than the male, so the ladies either retired to a special room or trained their muscles in certain areas. The latter helped them less often to meet great and small need.

But the patience of any person in this regard is not unlimited, therefore, from time to time, women had to leave from the table or from the room where people danced.

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What happened next?

And here the author is not ready to take responsibility and claim that everything happened in a concrete way. They talk about several methods to cope with the presence of crinolines.

Cut through
Ladies clothes, write, trousers and all that jazz, had special slots. That is, if you lift the dress, you can come up with something. Of course, the maids were involved in the process. Where without this ?! Firstly, it’s not a royal thing to keep crinolines with skirts. Secondly, it is not so easy: to hold clothes and to relieve the need, at the same time. Yes, so as not to do anything.

Special devices
Some sources indicate that there were some “chairs”, “toilet bowls” on which the ladies sat down, lifting their skirts. However, it is not very clear whether they sat down? It is possible that all those same things were done standing up, and the “toilet” was elongated so that it was difficult to miss.

The dress, of course, was not removed, but only “pounced” on top of the device. They sat down or stood in such a way that there was a “back” on the front, on which one could lean.

Special vessels
You can find information that ladies of the 19th century wore special vessels. They were made of expensive china, beautifully painted. If there was a need to cope, then such things were used.

They were of different shapes. Some are elongated, like jugs. Others are flat, like ducks or night pots.

If the vessel was elongated, then it was substituted where it needed to be. If it’s flat, they would sit over it. Then, everything merged into a large container, standing somewhere in the house or in the palace where the ball was held.

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In general, in terms of visiting the toilet in those days, everything was quite complicated. But no more difficult than it might seem to an uninitiated person. People did not know what a toilet, bidet and the like was. Therefore, they perceived reality somewhat differently than we do.

If it seems to us that, as described, going to the toilet is an extremely difficult task, then to people who lived in the 19th century, all this seemed familiar. There were no other options.

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