Huawei smartphones will not receive Android 11, it already has a replacement

For two years now, the US-China trade war has been damaging each other’s economies. From the side of the US presidential administration, new packages of sanctions against Huawei are issued on a regular basis.

It all started quite peacefully, at the time of the announcement of the sanctions, Huawei smartphones that had not yet been released were deprived of support for Google services, as well as receiving the latest operating system updates from the search giant. For many users, this has become a serious reason to buy a smartphone from another brand, since most are not ready to use APK files of the necessary applications and try to roll Google services on their own. With such problems, Huawei began to cope, an alternative app store was created with better conditions for developers, and since the audience of Huawei users is quite large, there are more and more popular applications.

The US authorities did not stop at such restrictions and issued a new package of sanctions, which prohibits cooperation with Huawei for such companies as:


What this means for Huawei, firstly, it can no longer produce its own Kirin processors based on the ARM architecture and under its license, and there is also no way to order processors from its competitors. How Huawei will get out of such a difficult situation is still unknown, the decision is essentially one, to start producing processors of its own architecture, but for this the company will have to invest colossal money in production, plus the technologies in China, although they are developing rapidly, are still up to the US level long away. Therefore, the company’s new flagship Mate 40, which will be powered by the new Kirin 9000 processor, may be the last to support fifth-generation networks and have this level of performance and energy efficiency.

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But even this did not seem enough to the US authorities, having banned cooperation with Huawei LG and Samsung, the US actually left Huawei without displays and memory.

If you believe the information that was at the presentation of Huawei, the new OS will be much faster than Android, so it will have fewer lines of code and use a modular architecture, which will not overload the operating system and get maximum system performance. According to the Huawei presentation, the new OS will be available on smartphones from December 2020. Therefore, the news that Huawei smartphones will not receive Android 11, I am sure very few people were surprised, and everything went to this. A new OS will be available very soon. If Huawei can overcome all the difficulties it faced, it could become much more powerful than before.

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