I do not transfer money to child support funds after the story with Ryan Skovorodnikova

It all started with the fact that I actively transferred money. I could not get past someone else’s misfortune. Yes, much was not required of me – to pick up a smartphone and transfer 100-200-300 rubles to the account. The amount is small, I will not impoverish.

And my soul felt so good. It seems that he did not do anything special, but helped someone. I live not in vain.

But everything changed after the story of a little girl, Ryan Skovorodnikova. She was diagnosed with kidney cancer, stage 4 nephroblastoma. Then I did not know that it was fatal, but doctors do not undertake to treat such patients, because it is pointless.

Ryan Skovorodnikov
The name “cancer” – from the English word Cancer – came from the fact that the disease in the pictures is similar to the cancer that has spread its claws throughout the body.

A collection was announced on social networks, I saved the page to my bookmarks and sent a small amount of money every month. The girl went to Korea for treatment. More precisely, she was not treated there, but only more and more new metastases and tumors were removed. But it was also pointless to do this, it would be better if they had not injured the child with these manipulations.

The girl’s mother remained in Russia (she had other small children), a representative of the foundation went to Korea with her child. Time passed, people who helped, were interested in the group, how Ryan was feeling. And the woman each time replied that she was getting better, and this is all thanks to our financial assistance. After these words I wanted to send more money.

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But one day I went into a group and read a message – Ryan was gone.

How so? After all, the girl was confidently recovering? I began to read about her diagnosis, to understand the treatment methods. And it began to come to me that the baby could not feel good, on the contrary, every day she was getting worse.

But the Fund persuaded her mother to send her with a representative to a foreign country. And the mother, trusting, believing that her daughter could be saved, agreed.

Ryan was treated for a long time in Seoul.
A little later, I found on the network a discussion of voluntary fees. And such details were revealed, from which the hair stood on end. How many unscrupulous clinics and their intermediaries give a cry for fundraising and treat children who cannot be helped. Which you just need to give a short, but life to live.

Something broke in me after this story. And I decided – I will only help relatives. Grandmother, mother, sister and her children. Buy medicines, give money for teeth, send them to sanatoriums or resorts. Supply fruits and vegetables as a source of vitamins.

All that can be treated is OMS. Everything else is pumping money. And why is television recording an appeal to ordinary people, and not to our oligarchs? Well, anyone can easily ask for 50 million.

Better still, these oligarchs should not donate money, but build hospitals and diagnostic centers in Russia on them, so that our people do not have to wander around Korea, China, Cyprus and Germany in search of help.

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