If time is not the same everywhere?

We live on Earth and are accustomed to operate with time intervals. We measure days, hours, years, and seasons. Without asking questions of objectivity or the subjectivity of time calculation, it is important for us to go ahead and live, make plans and achieve some results at certain periods. And at the remote moment we look and how at the hour of our departure from this world. So we perceive life.

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If we imagine that time is perceived by us only as our subjective criterion for evaluating the historical cyclical nature of the development of society and the period of stay of an individual in society, then we can assume that for other conditions and other life forms this category may not be at all or it may be completely different for them is presented.

Even today we know about the scientific hypothesis of a different passage of time, about the so-called “twin paradox”. One remains on Earth, and the other flies into space and flies at light speed. After some time, the traveler returns home, but sees that many years have passed. It does not even matter what the difference was ten years or ten thousand years. Scientists see such a hypothetical possibility and express assumptions about its realism, albeit in a theoretical form.

And if there are other intelligent species in space and they live in other temporary conditions, timelessness or some other anomalous structure of spacetime for us. Develop in it and should definitely differ from us.

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Can a person, who in the future is going to conquer deep space, understand these phenomena and possibilities, which will clearly go beyond the limits of our ideas about physics. And even if, theoretically, we have examples of such paradoxes, will humanity be ready to meet with any temporary distortion.

The question is really difficult, even more in the field of psychology and psyche, rather than in relation to scientific understanding.

Looking at the sky and intending to conquer space, we must admit quite seriously that other worlds may be copies of ours, but they may also turn out to be ones where time does not look like ours, which we so often lack here.

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