Igor Wernick told how he asked his wife to have an abortion

In a frank interview, the actor told how, because of work and permanent employment, he and his two beloved women separated.
Actor, producer and presenter Igor Vernik asked his first wife to have an abortion, which he still greatly regrets. After the first marriage Wernicke broke up, the man was faced with incredible popularity, but with loneliness. The actor told about his experiences on the air of the program “ Fate of a Man ” on the channel “Russia 1”.

Wernicke first married when he was 22 years old, but his wife Margarita already had a son from a previous relationship. This fact did not confuse him, but the parting was due to his fault. During the six years of marriage, Wernick largely limited his wife and insisted on abortion.

– So it turned out that Rita had several abortions. I asked her. Now I am very sorry that our child was not born , ”the artist said.

With the second wife Maria, Igor Wernick met in the store, invited him to a cafe, after a series of meetings they began to live together. When the woman informed him of the pregnancy, Wernick realized that he was happy. However, they entered into marriage a year after the birth of a son. Due to the popularity and work and with the second wife in the end Wernick broke.

At the beginning of the year, Igor Wernick found himself in the center of a scandal when he swept down a pedestrian street in Moscow by car. After an investigation by the police, it turned out that because of work at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, Vernik had the right to travel along Kamergersky Lane. The traffic police said that the actor violated the Code of Administrative Offenses, despite the special permission.

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