Improve MMR Dota 2

Dota 2 tournaments as a way to improve your own skill.

Oddly enough, tournament games are much more exciting weeks of regular play among the average player. In fact, all the magic of epic professional playfulness is speed. Each team has its own strategy, it changes every minute based on the peak of the opposing team and the actions of individual players. One mistake can cost the team a prize-winning place in the tournament – and hence the loss of rating in the overall team grid, which often affects the players’ salaries.

That is why, even when the situation seems to be stalemate – the players of the professional echelon of Dota 2 go to the last, sometimes they even manage to turn the game around being a close distance from the tavern.

An excellent example is the game PSG LGD against OG at The International 2019. This confrontation was more like a game of poker, where each team has their own cards in their hands and they are in no hurry to reveal them. Dozens of tactics replaced by team captains and hundreds of moments when everything could end, and even in such situations the teams did not lose their composure and pulled the game, sometimes going to the tavern and sometimes taking half of the enemy team behind them. Anyway, if you want to raise your own level of play in Dota 2 and show high results in ranked matches, it is recommended to watch tournaments with a notebook so that you can record players’ actions during the game and form your own strategy against the background of their mistakes.

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