In modern Russia, the authorities fight against people with disagreeables in two ways

In modern Russia, the authorities fight against people with disagreements in two main ways:
1) Drug addicts are thrown at a conditional journalist or a disagreeable person in general.
2) You are called a terrorist and begin to “sew” the case against you.

Although there is a third way. You are just being killed.

But even here, the Kremlin has different options. Let’s say this in Putin’s country to each individual approach:

1) Kill near the walls of the Kremlin

Is a privilege and even honor. So the main oppositionist of Russia was killed. In my opinion, the only one who directly criticized Putin and not just his regime.

2) Murder in near the house

With such a death of which I put the journalists in Russia in second place. It is important to say that integrity, honesty and, most importantly, the courage of a journalist are those features that killed people have. One of the greatest women of Russia, Anna Politkovskaya, was killed in this way.

3) The accusation of drug trafficking and terrorism

So they destroy those who could not differ much but at the same time they had the courage to write several articles about a corrupt official.

So they tried to eliminate Ivan Golunov who wrote about the corruption of Moscow officials and did various investigations. Fortunately, they could not because the public rebelled.

At the moment, so trying to eliminate Abdulmumin Hajiyev. He is accused of terrorism for transferring money to a charitable organization that builds wells in Africa. Charges are inherently absurd. There are no complaints about this charitable organization in Europe and America but in a strange way Russia does. Just because it is not pleasing to the regime because it is not suitable for anyone who has a different opinion.

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4) Poisoning

Such an award is given to those who managed to flee the country. They can not be planted to prison and difficult to kill. But they can be poisoned.
So Sergey Skripal and Alexander Litvinenko were poisoned, who said that Putin and the FSB (former KGB) were behind the bombings of houses in Russia.

5) Secret theft of people

A variant of the fact that people simply steal special services secretly I do not write. Because it does this to unknown people about whose death no one will know.

The saddest thing in such a situation is that people who do not like it are completely defenseless and they simply have no where to turn for help and no where to wait for protection.

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