In Petersburg, Muslims did not have legal grounds for prayer.

The authorities of St. Petersburg expelled the Muslims from the premises on the Narodny Militia Avenue, which the believers used to conduct prayers. Reports about it “Moyka78”.

The city Property Control Committee said that the prayers in the room were held illegally and without any documents.

In Islam, there are no lush worship with numerous attributes. Once a week, believers should conduct collective prayers after the Friday sermon in a clean room. Many during the day go to the mosque to perform one of the daily five-times prayers, which are also prescribed to Muslims. This requires a permanent prayer room — preferably quick availability.

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg, as in many other cities, there is a shortage of such facilities. The city has a Cathedral mosque near the Gorkovskaya metro station on Kronversky Ave. The Kolomyazhskaya mosque is located on Parachute, and there is a cultural and educational center of Dagestan on Vasilyevsky Island. In addition, there are prayer rooms in Moscow and Sofia, but with a growing number of visitors to mosques, this is clearly not enough.

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