In space, a prototype space elevator will be tested.


Japanese scientists are going to carry out the first ever space elevator tests. Next week, an innovative device will go into orbit. Deliver it there H-IIB booster.

Theoretically, the space elevator will be able to deliver cargo into space without rockets. In fact, it represents a failing durable cable from the attachment on the earth’s surface to the orbital station itself. It, in turn, is located in a geostationary orbit. The cable is supported by centrifugal force.

The first prototype of the space elevator looks like a box with a motor. It moves along the cable stretched between the satellites.

The project creators, engineers of the Japanese company Obayashi, will use nanotube technology for the manufacture of a cable with a length of 96 thousand kilometers. Japanese ambitions can be envied: by 2050, they promise to create technology for delivering space tourists to orbit.

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