In the United States recognized the effectiveness of Russian weapons that cause hallucinations

American scientists believe that such a weapon can be used, but the exact mechanism of its action could not be named.
In the US, it was assumed that Russian hallucinogenic weapons can actually exist and be used effectively. According to the publication LiveScience, we are talking about the stations of visual and optical noise 5P-42 “Filin”, which, according to the developers, can blind the enemy and cause temporary disturbances in the organs of vision.

Psychologists from New York University and Johns Hopkins University believe that flickering light radiation can impair a person’s vision, as well as cause hallucinations and leave residual images. At the same time, it is emphasized that the light in this case must be very bright, and the person must suffer photosensitivity.

Scientists say that about 1% of people have this feature, which can cause abnormal reactions in the brain. It is noted at the same time that there is no exact information about the effect of Russian weapons.

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