“Inspired or Stolen?” – 5 Hollywood movies that copied Japanese animation

“Black Swan”, “Requiem for a Dream” vs “True Sadness”
Unique in many ways, director Darren Aronofsky is famous for his atypical approach to creating his scripts.

There are many difficult and controversial moments and characters in his stories.

Such plots perfectly decorate bright and memorable scenes that convey the inner feelings of the characters.

But some of the famous shots, alas, are not the director’s original move, but reworked scenes from the anime “True Sadness”.

For example, in the movie Requiem for a Dream: a strong scene in the bathroom, where the heroine screams underwater.

Or in “Black Swan”, when Natalie Portman’s heroine enters the room and sees “talking” portraits.

But the brightest scene of the film is with a revived reflection.

Darren Aronofsky bought the rights to the entire film, just to repeat the bathroom scene that impressed him so much when watching a Japanese film.

10 years later, he reproduced other scenes in the movie “Black Swan”.

“Beginning” vs “Paprika”

A thriller by Christopher Nolan, with an amazing interweaving of storylines at different levels of the subconscious, has been decorated with many impressive scenes.

Like a chase through the corridors of a hotel, where the hero loses touch with gravity and moves outside the laws of physics.

This scene was inspired by the 2006 Japanese cartoon Paprika , which was released 4 years earlier than the Hollywood action movie.

In “Paprika”, as in “Inception”, we are talking about projections, dreams and movements within them.

The director himself gave an interview in which he noted that he liked Paprika just for that incredible coincidence with the idea that he had been developing for several years.

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“Snow White and the Huntsman” vs “Princess Mononoke”

The plots between the Japanese work of the great Hayao Miyazaki and the American film are in no way connected, but there are a couple of curious moments that also raise questions about originality.

Of course, a question for the 2012 film, because Princess Mononoke was created 15 years earlier.

The Lion King vs The Jungle Emperor

Perhaps the most sensational story about copying stories.

Viewers are still raising the question of the origin of the adventures of young Simba, the original of which also belongs to Japanese animation.

In Emperor of the Jungle (1965), the lion cub is named Kimba. The plot is strikingly different from the cartoon familiar to us, but the characters, their images, the frames themselves – definitely have a vivid resemblance.

At the time of the release of The Lion King (1994), desperate fans of the story of the white lion began to actively sign petitions against Disney, to which the company confidently declared: “All coincidences are accidental.”

Accidental or not, we will not know for sure, but for ourselves we can try to answer the main question:

Inspired or Stolen? – Write in the comments!

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