Instead of a stick, an ax. Ovechkin is good not only on ice

Captain “Washington” took part in a very brutal entertainment of his team.

After the victory over “Vancouver” with a score of 5: 2, the hockey players of “Washington”, led by captain Alexander Ovechkin, received a well-deserved rest. To carry out his “capital” decided brutal – for throwing axes. The captain, who scored four points in the last game, turned out to be good in this “sport” as well. Ovechkin after the phrase “This is for you, kids,” loaded the ax directly to the center of the target.

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🎯 @aleksandrovechkinofficial You've seen the boys throw darts, but what about the axe!? (📹: @tom_wilso)

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However, Ovechkin was not the most accurate in the team. The title of champion in this mini-tournament was taken by the American TJ Oshi.

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@tjoshie7, Lumberjack Champion

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“Washington” can well afford such entertainment. The current owners of the Stanley Cup this season so far so good: they are only two points behind the leader of the conference.

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