Is green tea a panacea?

In Chinese medicine, green tea has been used for centuries: everything was treated with it. You have probably heard that tea is almost a panacea, but is it not a myth?

There is no scientific evidence that green tea protects against cancer. In 2009, experts analyzed the results of 51 studies in which more than one and a half million people participated. They tried to associate drinking green tea with cancer of the intestines, prostate, breast, oral cavity and lungs. But scientists have not come to the conclusion about the benefits of green tea as a means of treatment or prevention.

And in 2015, the anti-cancer effect was studied, in which the trace elements of green tea and Herceptin were combined – the medicine is used to treat cancer of the stomach and breast. The first results have been promising, so they are currently planning to conduct clinical trials in humans. But there is no official recommendation and conclusions yet.

Many people believe that the antioxidants and caffeine found in tea help the body burn more calories. Allegedly, tea speeds up the metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

Many weight loss medications consist of green tea extracts. But the British Association of Dietitians conducted 18 experiments involving 1945 people, and the use of green tea did not give the desired results in losing weight.

Lowers cholesterol
A 2012 study proved that daily consumption of green and black tea lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, thanks to the catechin in the drink.

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Many experiments on this issue were short-term. Therefore, in order to get the full information, it is necessary to conduct large-scale research.

Cholesterol is a major cause of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Probably, its level can be lowered with a drink. But how much tea should be consumed and for how long is unknown.

Alzheimer’s disease
It is believed that green tea can prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease. But in practice, such a connection has not been proven.

In 2010, a tea extract was used in a laboratory study on animal cells. Due to its high content of antioxidants, it protected nerve cells from death. For you to understand, it is the death of nerve cells that leads to Alzheimer’s disease. But since such experiments were not conducted with people, one cannot give an exact answer.

Blood pressure

But blood pressure really drops, it is proved by science. But studies have been conducted in people with slightly elevated blood pressure.

Therefore, it is difficult to say whether green tea can seriously affect the clinical picture or become a prevention of heart disease and stroke.

In 2014, an experiment was conducted during which they rinsed their mouth with green tea and an antibacterial agent. The result is the same, but tea is cheaper.

In the East, green tea treats arthritis to obesity and also prevents cancer. But there is no evidence of effectiveness. In any case, tea is a safe drink for health, suitable for any company and season.

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