Is it possible to join the Thalmor in Skyrim?

The short answer, in accordance with the specifics and features of the video game from Bethesda, is no, this functionality is not provided. But there is a nuance. How to enter the Thalmor in Skyrim? The Thalmor Embassy in Skyrim appears in one of the story quests, but apart from clearing the location (or quietly completing the task) there is nothing to do there.

Fortunately, there are third party modifications available. You can download one of them here . To start the quest, visit the Gloomy Castle in Solitude. There you will need to talk to a recruiting NPC who wants to recruit more Thalmor agents. If you join this faction, you will not be able to become part of the Stormcloaks.

The second condition: if Ulfric Petrel is already your boss, you will not be able to run the script again.

The best time to enter is after the main story campaign and the destruction of the dragon, when the endless space opens up before you to explore the open world from Bethesda. The Thalmor Embassy in Skyrim is an important location where the main events unfold. Requirement: the presence of a Khajiit protagonist, tall, or wood elf. Representatives of other races, unfortunately, will not join the slender ranks.

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How to enter the Thalmor in Skyrim? TES V guide

After entering, local troops in the embassy chambers will stop attacking you. However, the rooms remain closed, but at the same time it is easy to open the locks by means of master keys. Inside you will find valuables, high quality equipment and weapons. Sometimes the Thalmor will even begin to release various phrases in your address, indicating the status of a Justicar.

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The installation process does not cause difficulties: just throw the files in the Data and hem ESP-file through the Launcher, located in the directory with the TES the V . This mod does not make much sense, however, it allows you to better study the environment of the hostile creatures of Skyrim. Localization is done well, but with the exception of a few phrases from the elves on the way.

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