Is it possible to predict bank bankruptcy?

Each depositor was glad if a couple of days before the revocation of the license, he could take his money and transfer it to another bank. Only here to predict such situations will not work. Often, revoking a license is a surprise not only for customers, but also for bank employees – ordinary managers and even heads of departments. However, sometimes, reading the news about the next closed bank, I just want to say: “Everything went to that!”. In general, there are certain signs by which one can judge that not everything is in order in the bank:

– The bank suddenly and significantly raised the interest rate on deposits. The rate at the same time may be about 150% or even 200% of the average rate. No matter what they say in the bank, no matter how they call these “special offers” – usually “deposit shares” are timed to holidays, memorable dates, etc., this only says one thing: the bank urgently needs money on any conditions;

– Bank suddenly stopped issuing loans, began to reduce unused limits on customer credit cards. Loans are the main source of income for a bank. If a bank refuses to issue loans (there may be completely different reasons, for example, reorienting the business to corporate or retail lending), then this means that it does not have enough money to issue new loans, or it is experiencing huge problems with loans already issued – clients stopped returning money and the bank suffers large losses due to the cost of creating reserves.

– The bank can successfully hide the lack of lending. Applications are accepted, they are denied, and “the reason for the refusal is not reported.”
The bank does not lend in principle, while the rates on deposits are very attractive. This is a combination of the two previous points. Just in such a bank, the transition to this mode of operation can occur very slowly. Such a bank worked in our region, clients were told that deposits were accepted all over the country, and loans were issued to large businesses in other regions. Naturally, the license from this bank has already been taken away.

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– The bank has stopped accepting deposits. Sometimes the central bank imposes restrictions on banks, prohibiting them from accepting deposits. Banks, by the way, at the same time can raise rates on current accounts and cards to keep customers. And they can exist in such a mode for quite a long time. It is possible that soon such a ban will be lifted, and the bank will start working as before. But everything can turn out quite differently.

– Unexpectedly, the conditions for servicing accounts and bank cards that affect the ability to receive funds have changed . This may include a reduction in the limit of cash withdrawal from and the installation of penalty interest, in case of exceeding this limit. Banks, as a rule, explain this by the requirements of the Central Bank and the law on “laundering” – 115-ФЗ. But this law has existed for a long time, and banks have long taken into account everything that applies to it in their activity rates. Therefore, if, using your card, the monthly cash withdrawal limit has suddenly dropped – this is a reason to look for additional information about the situation in the bank.

– The mode of operation of the bank has changed dramatically. The bank can start working only before lunch, etc. Often, customer service time is reduced to several hours per day.

– There are interruptions in card settlements, there is no money in ATMs. The customer comes to the store, but can not pay by card. Technical support says that everything is in order, but you can send it to the bank cashier. There is no money in the ATM. And at the box office on the card issue no more than 10 thousand rubles. This is a real situation that was in the same bank a few days before the license was revoked.
– The presence of negative information about the bank in the press. Such information includes reports that the bank regularly violates the capital adequacy ratio, that the bank inspects the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), or that the bank has been disconnected from the bank electronic payment system. This also includes some telegram channels – they do not have the restrictions that the media have, so they can publish information that no one officially confirms.
Is it possible to save your contribution by receiving a “negative signal” about the state of the bank?

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I’m afraid that is not always possible. When the bank does not have enough funds, it starts to do everything to make it more difficult for them to outflow from customer accounts: it delays the procedure for issuing deposits, limits non-cash transfers to other banks, etc. If you observe such a situation, then of course, it is better to try to save your money. In principle, if the amount of the deposit you have below the insurance – now it is 1 million 400 thousand rubles – then you can not worry too much. The Deposit Insurance Agency will refund your funds one week after the license is revoked.

If the deposit amount is higher, then it is necessary to try to get it. Ask for a deposit, if the bank refuses – find out when it will be issued. Write a statement and ask yourself a copy with a note of when it was accepted by the bank. Notify (or better reflect this in the text of the statement itself) that in case of refusal to issue a contribution, you will contact the Central Bank. Simple logic can work here: the bank in a difficult situation will hope to come up to the last. Accordingly, the threat to inform the Central Bank that the bank cannot fulfill the obligation to the depositors is a reason to quickly issue a deposit so that there is no extra complaint to the Central Bank.
And in this situation, if the bank will offer you not the entire deposit, but the part that exceeds the insured amount – look at the circumstances, but, in my opinion, it is better to pick up and immediately begin to demand the balance.

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Do not perform questionable operations!
The bank may offer you a “split contribution”, distributing it to relatives. This opportunity is not particularly enjoy. If the bank is already checking DIA, then it may well be that your payment will still be limited to insurance. Yes, and add red tape. Therefore, by all means try to get cash. But even with this you need to be careful. In the recent past there were several cases where the DIA considered the situation with cash withdrawal several days before the revocation of a bank’s license as an unfair transaction.

It is better to prepare for license revocation in advance!
In order not to worry about the revocation of a license, it is better to build your relationship with banks in such a way as to get out of any situation with minimal losses.

Do not keep all savings in one bank!

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