Islamophobia, lawlessness and persecution of journalists in modern Russia.

The violation of human rights together with the annual decline in freedoms are the realities of modern Russia.


The district court in Makhachkala, on Tuesday, June 18, arrested the journalist of the Chernovik newspaper Abdulmumin Hajiyev for a period of two months. “The court issued a decision, which granted the request of the investigation for the imprisonment of a journalist Abdulmumin Hajiyev,” defense representatives told reporters.

The editor of the “Religion” department, Hajiyev, is under the article on the organization of the activities of a terrorist organization and participation in the activities of such an organization. According to investigators, the journalist transferred money to the accounts of Islamic preacher Abu Umar Sasitlinsky.

“I am quite an open person. I publish all my thoughts on social networks. No one who knows me personally or through social networks will ever believe in these absurd accusations of terrorism, extremism, radicalism,” the journalist said in court.

“At six o’clock in the morning, armed men broke in on me. They pushed me to the ground, twisted my arms, and crushed my face to the ground with my feet. They woke me up and scared my wife and young children,” he describes the circumstances of his detention on 14 June. The editors of Chernovik called the accusation put forward by Hajiyev absurd and said that she would seek explanations from law enforcement agencies for the reasons for his arrest.


As I wrote in this article. In Russia, one of the ways to deal with undesirable people, including journalists who write about corrupt officials in the charges of terrorism.

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In my opinion, the whole affair of Abdulmumin Hajiyev is politicized, and 100% engaged, just like the affair of Ivan Golunov.

The corrupt corrupt officials did not like Ivan’s investigations and, unexpectedly, he became a “drug dealer” from a journalist and started a case against him.

And in the same way, they didn’t like Abdulmumin and he, unexpectedly, from a journalist who is essentially an exemplary father and citizen “became” a terrorist.

The newspaper “Chernovik” has been published since 2003. “We are not an opposition newspaper, we are a newspaper with a position. During the seven years of the newspaper’s existence, there was no department, head of administration or official who our criticism would have bypassed,” wrote journalist Nadira Isayeva opened a criminal case).

The founder and first editor-in-chief of Chernovik, Khadzhimurad Kamalov, was killed in 2011 as a result of the assassination attempt in Makhachkala. The crime is not disclosed.

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