“It’s forbidden to watch TV and paint”: Kim Kardashian spoke about quarrels with Kanye West over religion

This Tuesday, the Kardashian sisters appeared on the air of the American talk show The Real, where Kim openly talked about how her relationship with Kanye West had changed due to his passion for religion. According to Kardashian, the husband takes Christianity so seriously that they often quarreled about raising children: Kanye insisted that the TVs be removed from their rooms, forbade six-year-old North to use makeup and became much stricter. To the host’s question about whether Kim supports his wife’s religiosity, Kardashian replied: “Well, you know, he is my husband. It is clear that I want to support his aspirations, his life is changing now. And I’m not saying that he is not a wonderful father, but now he is more strict. ” Kim agreed with such measures, but quarreled strongly with Kanye due to the fact that she “will always remain herself” and will not agree with him on everything.
Recall that Kanye has been passionate about Christianity for a long time, arranges Sunday church services and speaks of God in almost every interview. Kim, her older sister Courtney, children and nephews recently flew to Armenia to conduct a baptismal rite , after which the baby Psalm was given the name Vardan, the one-year-old Chicago – Ashhen, and the three-year-old Saint became Grigor.

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