Jennifer Lopez in her 50, shares sexy selfie on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez

Jenifer Lopez splits all stereotype about age. She approve that with her bikini selfie.

Her new years start was too noisily. And now Lopez decide take a little break. After great Super Bowl show and New York Fashion Week with Oscars after parties.

Jennifer shares very personal selfie where she wear only bikini. That photo world star prove what at 50s woman can be full energy and sexuality.

Also singer looks very relaxed and healthy.

“Relaxed and recharged,” she simply captioned the image.

That good reminder for them who skip gym and want perfect body wherein eating before bed time.

People was very surprised skinned and tanned body of their idol.

Jennifer Lopez

“Now that’s how you start a fire, wows!!!” one user wrote.

“Just when I was about to skip working out today,” another user joked.

“Wow! You give hope to the rest of us!! Well done Mama. I need to step up my game!” yet another commented.

The bikini selfie is yet more evidence that Jennifer Lopez appears to be in the best shape of her life.

After her dizzying performance at the Super Bowl ‘JLo is 50’ filled up social media feeds everywhere and many were left scratching their heads about her youthful appearance and boundless energy.

But though many were of the opinion that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira completely owned their Super Bowl Halftime Show, the impressive duo did face criticism from some who thought the show was a little racy for little ones.

Addressing the backlash, Lopez told Variety that she didn’t agree with the critics.

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“I think that’s honestly silliness,” she said, at the Spirit Awards. “Both of us are really respectful performers who are mums and have kids and are very conscious of what we do.

We [put on] a show that I believe was a celebration of women and our Latino culture that I think was really well reserved. And that small faction of people who want to be negative about it, I can’t even let in.”

Until Jlo in such a good body she is best motivation example for going to gym and start working on themselves.

Especially for you Alihanrin Alihan!

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