Joe Jemsek

Joe Jemsek brought a great contribution to golf in Illinois in various ways over the years.

Joe Jemsek – golfer originally from the United States. He started as an amateur and then rose to the level of Professional player. Joe has created and manages several public golf clubs in Chicago.

Carrier start.

Future professional golfer was born in 1913. He is originally from the Ukraine and the son of immigrants. He became a caddy at age 6.

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At age 15, he began to kaddiing Cog Hill based brothers Cog Hill in 1927 in Lemont, Illinois is near Chicago.

At 17, he became a professional.

Apart from the usual career Jemsek won various trophies. For example in 1934 at an exhibition in Chicago, Joe won another trophy for ball driving course.

St Andrews

This new golf course under the name of St Andrews was opened in West Chicago in 1926.

Jemsek moved here in the role of instructor courses. He made the decision after the employer Cog Hill refused to raise his salary.


The new job was successful not just in terms of money but also in terms of personal life. Professional golfer and instructor found love in her daughter Alice. Together with her daughter Jo took over management of the business.

The relationship with the brothers Cog Hill.

Despite leaving last job and does not consent to the brothers to raise his salary, he kept good relations with them even after the dismissal and relocation.

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