John Wick 4. Keanu Reeves, King of Action.

Despite the expectation of many fans, the film John Wick 3 did not put an end to the story, and therefore the continuation of John Wick 4 will not take long to wait. The creators of films about a hired assassin with fucked willpower revealed what awaits fans of the franchise.

The film received a completely open ending. John Wick is betrayed by the director of ” Continental” Winston. But after the attempted murder, John Wick survives. Wounded John bring King Bowler , who also suffered, received as many as seven wounds. Bowler asks barely alive John if he is angry. John Wick replies that yes, he is very angry. The hero is planning a cruel revenge on his abuser. On this good note, the film ends.

The film’s director, Chad Stahelski, said that Keanu Reeves will play John Wick as long as this character is popular with the audience, and the director himself plans to shoot John Wick until the end of his career. Such words are like a balm to the heart of the fans. The franchise is already being compared to the Marin Cine Universe . Moreover, the film has already shifted from the first lines of the Avengers: Final in the box office. The world of John Wick is very rich, and the material is still enough for a lot of films. Also, the new film revealed the origin of Wick himself. He was a Belarusian . The filmmakers said that John got his martial skills while doing ballet ( maybe the Black Widow was a pair with him ) and wrestling. And the real name of John Wick isJordani Jovanovic.

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The film received a huge amount of positive feedback from both viewers and critics. Well, the continuation of the franchise, John Wick 4 will be released on screens May 21, 2021. We look forward to.

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