Journalist Abdulmumin Hajiyev arrested

The Soviet District Court of Makhachkala concluded a journalist for the Chernovik, Abdulmumin Hajiyev, under arrest for a period of two months, his lawyer Arsen Magomedov said.

At the hearing, the investigator referred to the fact that Hajiyev, being at liberty, could put pressure on witnesses who had not yet been interrogated, or could even run away from justice.

The defense of Hajiyev insisted that there were no real grounds for his arrest, since the imputed accusation was not sufficient grounds for depriving a journalist of his freedom. The lawyers also noted that the investigator did not provide evidence that the suspect could put pressure on witnesses.

At the meeting, Hajiyev insisted that he had nothing to do with terrorism. “I have never led any Vkontakte pages. I have not had any groups there and no. Moreover, I have never used this social network. As for the information that in 2013 I had some page on which I collected [ means], it has no basis whatsoever. There have never been such pages. And that’s all that Kemal Tambiyev says about me. I don’t understand how I can serve as an argument for my fault whose audio recording was provided to journalists by one of his lawyers.

Earlier, another suspect, Kemal Tambiyev, stated that he had been tortured, after which he had slandered Hajiyev.

As Kavkaz.Realii wrote, the court decided to hold the meeting in closed session.

Today, two more suspects, Kemal Tambiyev and Abubakar Rizvanov, should be chosen as a preventive measure.
Both are charged with financing terrorism and participating in a terrorist organization. In total, eleven people are being held as suspects.

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