Juan Reckers the most brutal grandfather in the world

Greetings, fighters!

This is Juan Rekers (Juan Rekers) – an actively performing bodybuilder from the Netherlands. He is a sports model for the GYMKILLER brand and conducts classes forpeople with mental disabilities. At the same time, the bodybuilder and biker are 54 years old, of whom he is a gym regular for 35 years.

Juan said: “When you get older, your body will change, a decrease in Testosterone and an increase in Estrogen will damage your body! Less power, more belly, less thirst for a female body! In addition, fitness keeps balance in my body and mind, it is perfect for me!

You can’t call Juan Rekers an old man, he is only 55, but he doesn’t even look his age. The reason for this is a powerful physique beyond his years, a thick beard and a body covered with tattoos from head to toe. After bodybuilding, motorcycles are his second love, Juan Rekers is a real biker, as he should be – pumped up, brutal, colorful.

However, appearance, in his case, is deceiving, in fact he is an incorrigible romantic, kind and helpful person. He simply enjoys playing the role of aggressive pitching, recording motivating videos and advertising the sportswear brand Gym Killer.

Juan Rekers is a real celebrity. He is one of the most unusual age-related bodybuilders, and therefore is very popular. But at the same time, Juan works for free in a fitness club, training people with mental illnesses, demonstrating to everyone that he is a big and strong man with a good heart.

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How many sports freaks in life have you met?)

Not taking into account all sorts of Kirillov Tereshin and synthol abnormal swapping.

I think a little)

So, I would like to tell about one of them today.

But to call him a freak hand does not rise, so I called him the most brutal grandfather in the world.

Meet Juan Reckers

Juan Reckers is a 53-year-old bodybuilder who won not only women’s hearts with his image, but also the attention of major media and magazines.

Pumped body, tattoos, long beard, walking testosterone.

Many people call this brutal grandfather a biker. I don’t know if this is true, but Juan’s love for motorcycles is undoubtedly present, and he speaks about it himself.

Reckers are a real fan of iron and workouts. In his Instagram now there are a little more than 100 thousand subscribers and he began to gain popularity relatively recently.

But, as for sports, Juan himself says that so far, for more than 30 years, sports training has brought him a high and is not going to quit.

Juan is now a fitness trainer and very good, I tell you. After all, in order to make people’s bodies, it is necessary to be iron-dependent.

For me, this man is the most brutal grandfather in the world)) He may not be a grandfather yet, but he looks great!

Respect to such people, we wish him further development!

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