Juan Rekers 54-year-old Dutch strongman

Friends, how many freaks from the world of bodybuilding have you seen lately? It seems that every year this type of appearance is becoming more popular. Today, your attention is another representative of this direction named Juan Rekers , a 54-year-old athlete from the Netherlands , who for his brutality receives a solid mark in 10 out of 10. A long gray beard like a Viking, a powerful physique and solid tattoos. Many have already dubbed him a biker. I don’t know if it really is, but this athlete really loves motorcycles like Harley Davidson, and often writes about his love for this type of transport.

Little is known about Juan , although he is quite actively leading his Instagram , which has more than 3 thousand publications. The athlete still has his fans and meets them at various expos. He positions himself as a real fan of iron , according to him, he has been in the gym for 33 years and still experiences incredible emotions from training.

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“First of all, training changes your mindset,” says the athlete. “It is very important to stay hungry and set new goals, this is the only way to keep the excitement for training throughout your life. If you want to always be in shape, you must first motivate yourself, with your new achievements and successes, “raising the bar every day. Everything here is like in business, millionaires become billionaires not because they want more money, but because a person gets the excitement and buzz from life only when he achieves something more.”

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“Every day I get questions again and again about how to stay motivated to go to the gym? Well ….. In my humble opinion, there is only one answer: JUST GO !!!”

“If you’re over 50, that doesn’t mean you can’t be fit,” Rekers says, “you just don’t need to build up high expectations, you need only a good body. The gym should become your lifestyle and passion, the only way you can change . ”

Rekers’s life was far from easy , just recently he recovered from an operation similar to the one that Ronnie Coleman underwent, he also has a wife with whom they had overcome breast cancer fighting the disease for almost 2 years . In general, the athlete is really strong not only physically, but also mentally. He works as a trainer, and this, as Juan himself admits, is truly his passion. Indeed, in order to be in this profession for so long, it is simply necessary to be, as the City said, “ iron dependent” .

Rekers and his wife:

“To hell with age, to hell with injury, the pain is only temporary. What the hell is the point in this life if you don’t do what you really love!” says Juan.

Write, do you agree with the last statement and how do you feel about such appearance and thinking?

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