Karl Horn (theologian)

Karl Horn , actually: Carl Horn (born June 12, 1794 in Neustrelitz , † April 8, 1879 in Neubrandenburg , full name: Carl Otto Albert Horn ) was a German Protestant clergyman, corps student and one of the fathers of the Urburschenschaft .

Carl Horn was the younger son of lawyer Adolf Horn (1759-1823) and his wife Maria (1767-1836), daughter of the Protestant pastor Hans Heinrich Gerling (1723-1789) and his wife Maria (1767-1836), in the royal residence Neustrelitz born in the part of the state of Mecklenburg-Strelitz . The archivist Friedrich Horn was his older brother.

Horn attended the high school Carolinum in Neustrelitz and passed there Easter 1812 the Abitur. He then studied Protestant theology and philosophy in Jena , became a member of the Corps “Vandalia” in 1812, and in 1815 became its last senior. [1]

From 1813 Horn took part in the liberation wars as Oberjäger in the Lützow Free Corps , became a friend and companion in arms of Theodor Körner and returned in 1815 (according to other sources: 1814) back to Jena to continue his studies until 1816. On June 12, 1815 Horn founded together with Heinrich (Arminius) Riemann and others in Jena the Urburschenschaft . He is listed under No. 1 as its member and became one of its main initiators. On June 12, 1815, the fraternity members selected him as one of the nine directors; Horn was the first spokesman of the Urburschenschaft and from 1816 to 1818 its leader:”At their head stood the two Mecklenburg Horn and Riemann, stately, brave, young men who had defended themselves bravely in the war. The first speaker, Karl Horn, who later became known (in Friedland) as a teacher of Fritz Reuter to other circles, remained true to the enthusiasm of his youth into old age and died in the pious belief that he with the Foundation of fraternity a work of the Lord have done. ” [2] an oak on the fire place in Jena in January 1816 planted for peace ceremony ” as a memorial of the German-won freedom and the newly blossomed manhood “.

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After completing his university years Horn completed a theological career typical of Mecklenburg . He was first tutor, 1819 Prorector and 3rd teacher at the School of Scholars to Friedland . As such, he was particularly interested in gymnastics , which gained a foothold in Friedland under the influence of his friend Friedrich Ludwig Jahn . From 1824 to 1826 Horn was there Turnvorsteher and by the way also teacher of the later famous Low German writer Fritz Reuter , in whose letters he occurs.

From January 1826 Horn worked until 1874 as a pastor in Badresch .

Together with Riemann Horn was one of the figureheads of the German fraternity during his lifetime. Repeatedly he appeared as a keynote speaker: 1858 at the 300th anniversary of the University of Jena, 1863 at the Körner celebration in Wöbbelin , 1865 at the 50th anniversary of the fraternity.

In autumn 1874 Horn took his retirement seat in Neubrandenburg , where he died in 1879. He was buried with great sympathy in the cemetery in Badresch. His grave is not preserved.

Horn was married three times and survived two of his wives. From his three marriages 13 children are known. Horn himself became the progenitor of the “Badrescher Zweig” of his sex. [3]

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