Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review. Czech unfiltered

About Kingdom Come: Deliverance I wrote more than once: apart from the usual previews ( here and here ), she got into the top of the best historical games in absentia and even in a collection of folk recipes from the “game throne” blues . And, as it turned out, these places are deserved: the game really turned out to be special. Having recovered from the vivid, but contradictory first impressions , we tell you why you shouldn’t miss it.

Story trailer for the game

Scandal in Bohemia
The plot is the main trump card of the Czech RPG. Indro’s adventures are full of twists and turns in the spirit of George Martin, the game now and then provokes to turn off the straight path and leads away from the main line. This is facilitated by excellently filmed cutscenes and multi-line dialogues, making it much more pleasant to create a story and observe the consequences of your rash decisions.

Even for the smallest event, the developers have prepared several possible scenarios, and therefore, in order to check all the branches of decisions, you have to go through the game more than once. Only at first the hero is guided a little harder.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review. Czech unfiltered

Running KCD in a couple of evenings will not work – the quests here are really tricky. To advance in some of them, you will have to re-read several books, thoroughly study the locations and ask the locals – and it’s good if they agree to help. This was partly the case in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind , where instead of a marker there are usually only a couple of tips. These difficulties, however, fuel interest in the passage and induce, with caution looking back at the time of the last save, weigh each decision.

However, modders have already taken care of the latter , thanks to which you can drink the saving schnapps anywhere. But we do not recommend installing this modification – it will deprive half of the pleasure of the process.

Due to the era and intricate plot, the game resembles both the adventures of Reinevan and the detective line from “The Name of the Rose”


Quests here are given out by delightfully spelled characters, which you quickly add to: take, for example, Pan Ganush, who, both externally and in the manner of communication, reminds me of the Bloody Baron from the third “The Witcher” and Pan Jan Ptachek – you cannot resist this riotous fool of princely blood !

The heroes of side quests are in no way inferior: they willingly share their past and their timid hope for a serene future, and you simply cannot remain indifferent to their requests. Especially memorable are the stories of the executioner from Ratay, true to his word and sensitive soul, as well as a priest who is not averse to having fun.

Most of the quests here are multi-stage and immediately direct the player to several different points in the game world. And it is not always immediately clear where exactly

However, whether Indro goes on assignment or not, they will cope without him, and this once again reminds us that the authors wanted to create the most realistic world possible. But gossip about the hero’s deeds and misdeeds will scatter in an instant: for one major theft or murder, the whole village and surroundings can easily hate you.

Sometimes, however, the behavior of NPCs sometimes fails, and the relationship between quests collapses: for example, an old friend, whose orders Indro carried out for several days at the cost of several reboots, does not recognize his savior. But if you go through the game calmly, and not by typing a dozen quests at once, such inconsistencies can probably be avoided.

Slavic open spaces

It is pleasant to communicate with the characters – however, sometimes peasants’ monologues with words from the vocabulary of English aristocrats strongly contradict the Slavic world of the game. The German version, which sounds more authentic, will help out here – perhaps partly because Prussia at that time was on the same political arena with Bohemia.

But there are no complaints about the musical themes: medieval orchestral motifs interspersed with Czech folk tunes instantly provide complete immersion in the game.

Here and pulls to gaze at the world around, worked out to the smallest detail. Each villager is busy with his own business and lives according to a certain schedule. True, it is rather fragile: one poorly drawn texture, and NPCs until the end of the century get stuck in some stone or three of them try to sit on one chair.

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The number of items here is limited: for example, if you steal his best armor from a Pan, he will enter the battlefield naked

But the rest can be looked at for hours: armor and rich outfits seem to have been taken from a museum, fortresses and cathedrals exactly repeat their prototypes, forest thickets are really impassable, and nights are dark.
But to really enjoy these beauties and screen yourself a whole collection of new wallpapers, you need quite powerful hardware – even on a PC with a good configuration, there are problems with drawing structures and landscape elements that “dress” with textures before our eyes. Watching loading screens before a short dialogue with a merchant, you often wonder if the game is worth the money.

Horses also have stats to develop.
It even has its own Thieves Guild.

Suffering middle ages
Gamers, spoiled by witcher instincts and self-replenishing elixirs with instant action, will have a hard time: if Indro is exhausted, his eyes close, he loses consciousness from malnutrition, and when he gets hit on the head with a sword and forget to bandage the wound, it bleeds in seconds, which literally flows through screen. It is also impossible to satisfy hunger with strategic supplies of cabbage here – the food in the bag (this is the name of the local inventory) spoils, and because of the rotting stump it is easy to earn serious poisoning.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review.

With such a set of tamagotchi effects, the game could only be in the first person

The combat system, like picking locks, which came out quite too heavy on consoles, requires partly habit, and partly – ingenuity, especially if you fight against several enemies at once. But it is worth acquiring decent armor and weapons, as the robbers clustered in each forest will cease to be a threat.

In many missions, such bloody surprises are generally easy to avoid, but it’s not so interesting to play without them: stealth playthrough loses a lot to action, which is easy to calibrate for yourself by trying out several types of weapons and corresponding combo attacks. Mastering such activities as forging weapons, playing dice and moving around the map requires very little effort.

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And yet the unpatched version of the game, which accounted for most of my passage, at times gave out very wild feints that interfered with the successful completion of tasks, especially in massive battles. Some of them could only be solved by restarting the last save. Later, some of the glitches were fixed with patches, but the number of massive battles that the developers boasted so much did not increase from this – for the entire main quest there were at most three or four of them. We also got excited about voluntarily-compulsory preliminary sorties into the enemy’s camp – we will only have to make our way under the cover of the shadows through hordes of enemies once or twice.

In peacetime, the game also sometimes gets up to something strange.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, at first it is really difficult to play, but it is worth going through several training battles, starving to death a couple of times, and you get used to the game and accept it with all its shortcomings. Besides, bugs will probably be cured soon.

exciting quests that make you think;
unusual and realistic combat;
detailing the world;
fun experimenting with bugs.

not for those who want everything at once;
slow “fast” teleports and loading screens;
few massive battles;
ubiquitous bugs.

How we played
In what: game provided by the publisher
On what: PC
How many: 69 hours

Editorial achievement
Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review. Czech unfiltered

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