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Kyrylivka (Kirillovka (Zaporizhia region))

Kyrylivka (UA Kirilіvka.) – urban-type settlement, Kirillov village council, Akimov district, Zaporozhye region, Ukraine.

It is the administrative center of the Kirillov village council, which also includes the village Limanskoe and liquidated villages of Azov and Stepok.

Geographical position

Kirillovka urban village located on a peninsula formed by two estuaries, Utlyuksky and milk. Has two Spit Spit Peresyp and Fedotova Spit is located opposite. Through the village passes road T-0820. PGT Kirillovka is the southernmost settlement in the Zaporozhye region, and its Fedotova Spit is geographically located in the northern latitudes of the Crimean peninsula, bordering with him into the sea. In contrast Herald Island is Cape Kazantip Crimean peninsula and the sea gap is the bottleneck in the open sea of ​​Azov.
origin of name

The village was named after Cyril – the eldest son Siluyan Kapustin, the founder of the Doukhobor sect, which established this village [2].

In Ukraine, 9 settlements with the name of Kirillovka.


Kirillovka was founded in 1805 as the last village of Doukhobor community who settled in the Sea of ​​Azov in the early XIX century. Distant from the spiritual and other authorities for some time it served as a refuge passport-an “”apostle”” of the sect.

In 1845, after the expulsion of the Doukhobors in the Caucasus, the village took the state peasants from neighboring villages smallholder Tauride province.

Starting from the 1910s, developing as a spa and mud resort.

From the German occupation Kirillovka was released October 27, 1943.

The most intensively developed in the 1960-1980-ies. It was during this period were built hostels, boarding houses and holiday homes, all spit and Fedotova Spit Peresyp.

1968 – awarded the status of urban-type settlement.

In 1989, the population was 1,633, according to the All-Ukrainian census of 2001 – 1481 people.

In 2004 Kirillovka included in its composition over large village of Azov. Activated development.

In 2008-2010. built Orthodox church.

As of January 1, 2013 the population was 3455 people.

Currently formed single resort area of ​​nearly 15 kilometers.

Social sphere

Bus, “”Ukrtelecom””, the central market, the central beach, the promenade on Fedorova spit and promenade on the spit Peresyp, in summer there is an amusement park. In 2011, in Kirillovka opened the biggest in Ukraine aquapark and a dolphinarium.


The resort recreation area Kirillovka – climatic and mud-bath seaside resort of Ukraine (the southernmost town of Zaporizhzhya region), situated on the shore of the Azov Sea, Utlyuksky and Dairy estuary, 40 km from the station Akimovka Dnieper railway, and 51 kilometers from the southern border of the city of Melitopol, 57 km from Melitopol suburban bus, and from the train station 63 km Melitopol (Kirillov and to the bus 67 km).

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Kirillovka today – is a modern urban village, numbering 3.5 thousand inhabitants and two fitting plait -. Peresyp and Fedotova.

According to official data, during the summer 2019, Kyrylivka visited by more than 1.5 million. People and the number of holidaymakers Kyrylivka is the largest resort on the Azov Sea.

At your service – more than 500 lodges and private hotels, guest houses and cottages, resorts and about 18 children’s health of medical institutions located both on spits, and in the village. Kirillovka. Here you will find rest for every taste and for its financial possibilities – from the “”civilized”” lodges and resorts with high-rise buildings, and power, to rest in a tent camp or the private sector.

Staying on the Azov sea promotes restoration and strengthening of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, upper respiratory tract and reduces inflammation in the muscles and joints, as well as allergic reactions. In holidaymakers improved respiratory function of the lungs, improved blood oxygen saturation, iodine, chromium, iron and others. Climate of the Azov Sea is particularly suited to children, in addition, in contrast to the Black Sea, it is not deep, which guarantees safety when bathing (especially small to estuaries but at the same time, do not have far to go on the sea shore, to swim at depth, as the sea itself is deep and very clean, because there are no rivers flowing into it, there is no port that is ideal for the resort).

Therapeutic agents: silt and mud Utlyuksky Dairy estuaries, as well as sodium hydrosulfide chloride source, water is used for bathing. Treatment of patients with diseases of the organs of movement and support, gynecological, peripheral nervous system.

Kyrylivka differs warm climate, low rainfall during the summer, curative combination of sea and steppe air. A sunny days (about 2600 hours of sunshine a year) is much higher than in Yalta (2200 hours of sunshine a year). Here, of course, does not have the lush vegetation, which affects the eyes, when traveling along the southern Crimea. The landscape is monotonous: flat strip of sandy beach, blue sea, spreading willow trees, lush bushes. But, once here, people suddenly feel the peace and quiet that you will not find in the Crimea. Distance from the city, from congested highways southern lends a special charm to the rest of Azov.

Summer warm (average temperature of July and August 23 + – 25 ° C), moderately soft winter (average January temperature – 1.7 ° C); precipitation is about 380 mm per year.

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The Azov Sea is not deep, the average depth of 9 – 10m and a maximum of 15 meters, has a sandy bottom and the beach. The water temperature in the July-August reaches 27-30 ° C. According to the existing natural and climatic conditions at the bottom of the Sea of ​​Azov is developing very well, all marine life. And quite rough seas up to two points in the sea water is mixed to the bottom. Therefore Azov sea water contains 92 chemical elements that are beneficial for the human body and promote its recovery. During the storm, the waves pick up from the bottom of a slurry of therapeutic mud. Doctors recommend adults and children longer swim in the Sea of ​​Azov – at least 1-2 hours a day, and take sand baths – in fact in the sand contains a lot of biologically active substances that are beneficial for the human body.

Stable summer holiday season – from late May to mid-September inclusive. Velvet season from mid-September until the last decade of October, and sometimes up to the beginning of November.

COA Kirillovka – is:

Center Kyrylivka – it is the most developed in terms of infrastructure of the resort. There are a large number of private databases and guest houses that can offer rooms from economy class to VIP suites category. The walk to the central beach will be from 2 to 120 minutes, depending on the location of the tourist establishments (and the rest of the beaches, directly from the lodges and resorts resort to go no more than 1 – 2 minutes to the coast estuaries no more than 5 – 7 minutes (so the width of the braid is less than 1 km)). There is a bus, “”Ukrtelecom”” branch “”Privatbank”” big market, a lot of different cafes, as well as the most popular entertainment in the village: water park “”Treasure Island,”” Dolphinarium “”Oscar””, the moon Adrenalinshou park, aquarium, safari park.

Spit Peresyp – part of the land 200 meters wide in some places reaches up to 1 kilometer. Spit Peresyp separates the Sea of ​​Azov by the Dairy estuary and originates from the eastern edge of Kirillovka. The length of the braid of about 10 kilometers. Along the entire length braids Peresyp are recreation centers, various pensions, camps and campgrounds.

Fedotova Spit – originates from the south – western part of Kyrylivka Azov Sea and separates from Utlyuksky estuary. The total length of the spit is about 45 kilometers, as the area is included here Biruchiy island, which until 1929 was indeed an island. After subsequently reclaimed sand was joined with Biruchiy Fedotovoj oblique. Built-up by various tourist sites and recreation centers are about 14 kilometers of the coastal strip, it is located here, “”Fedot”” basic infrastructure – as the locals call Fedotov Spit. There is a market, popular youth discos, shops, cafes and so on. D. In addition, the estuary has Utlyuksky school kitesurfing and windsurfing, where experienced instructors teach beginners.

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Stepok – Kirillovka area that was once a fishing village. Essentially it ends Stepan Fedotov Spit begins Herald protected zone of the island – the Azov-Sivash National Park. Stepok is also popular among tourists, as there are private hotels and guest houses. In the central part of the area is a small market, and various shops and cafes.

All guests can visit the water park “”Treasure Island”” (the largest water park in Ukraine), the Dolphinarium “”Oscar””, equestrian theater “”Cyril whip””, numerous rides amusement park, safari park, an aquarium, a water slide, rent a boat, take a ride on a scooter, etc. . d. With great activity develop water sports, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Kyrylivka always rich in vegetables and fruits (cherries, apricots, peaches, grapes, figs, with teens grow pomegranates and persimmons), melons, fish and other seafood.


Monument in honor of the 200th anniversary of Kirillovka in the central square. It depicts a woman with a torch emerging from the waves. It opened in May 2005.
Monument to the fishermen in the central street of Kalinin (Seaside Boulevard).

Park resort “”Kirillovka.”” Founded at the beginning of the XX century. Preserved several hectares different rare greenery.

Monument countrymen who died in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Located in the central square.

The monument at the mass grave of soldiers-liberators of the village Kirillovka in 1943. It is located in the central square.

Lenin monument in the spa park. Opened in 1949, originally stood near the Lenin Stalin’s figure, which was removed in 1961. There was only a statue of Lenin in the coat.

The monument to Lenin in the young resort park.

Gagarin monument in the spa park.

Sculpture “”Girl with a paddle”” and “”Girl playing tennis”” in the spa park. Plaster sculptures typical of the Soviet era, set in the 1950s.

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