Ladakhi: the very communism when the wives are common

Either a tribe or a nationality called Ladakh lives in the Indian highlands. The life of the people is rather primitive, the lands are not too fertile, and the customs are rather strange.

The number of Ladakhs is about 60 thousand people, and most of them live on the land, the cultivation of which is their main occupation. It is not known what they know about scientific communism, but inside their society they managed to build something similar on their own, and they built it a long time ago.

In general, their culture is consistent with the traditions of other Tibetan peoples and the bulk of the Ladakh professes Tibetan Buddhism, which some worshipers use.

Of particular interest is their family structure and land inheritance. The fact is that women here marry not just one man, but him and all his younger brothers or husbands who have less status.

Accordingly, the children here are common, and the oldest of them receives the inheritance. This allows you not to split up land and keep people united. Younger husbands feed from the same site, but are not their owners. They work, eat and make children.

True, lately the Ladakhs have abandoned this custom. The most fertile lands belong to monasteries, which, following the example of Orthodox priests of two centuries ago, strive to use the parishioners as the quality of the gratuitous labor. And besides, they are also engaged in usury.

From such a life, many men (and not only them) either go to the monasteries themselves or wander off to cities, where they join the generally accepted realities. They have their own wives, their own property, and they don’t really remember about the bright Ladakh past. And who will blame them for this? The fish is looking where it’s deeper, but the man where it’s better.

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