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Continuing the theme of the posts Interesting sites and ” If someone
gets bored , then look here, ” now I post some useful links.
Throw in the comments links to your usefulah, then I will add to the post.

How do I know where the picture came from?

Converting photos, videos, audio, documents: I received a

letter, some kind of a mess of characters. What to do?

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How to find out where the anime picture?

Where can I quickly edit a picture?

How to find music?

How to find music by rhythm?

I found the music, and how to cut it?

I need flash drives / loops. Where to get them?

On found a flash drive with a cool music. How to find out where she is from?

I need a wallpaper.

And where to find the icons?

Help solve the problem ( syntax )

What is the font in the picture?

website with a description of files and extensions

QR decoders

Where can I find torrents?

Silent noises of nature.

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