Magomed Magomedov called the Summa case a message to troubled companies

The case against himself and his brother Magomed Magomedov considered “a call to the owner of some kind of problem holding”. The “message”, in his opinion, is that entrepreneurs need to “get out of here quickly” and not support their business.

One of the defendants in the Summa case, a former member of the Federation Council, Magomed Magomedov, believes that the case against him and his brother Zivuadin Magomedov sends a message to other heads of major problem holdings. Statements by Magomed Magomedov were made on Thursday in the Tverskoy Court of Moscow, where the issue of extending the preventive measure to the defendants in this case was resolved, RBC reports.

“Such an appeal is sent to the owner of some problem holding, if suddenly some problems start to appear and if this person who owns such a large holding that has problems, God forbid, owns another plane, some real estate and foreign passport . Do you know what call him? Fell on the FIG from here. Hurry up. And, God forbid, do not help this problem holding, do not invest money there. Take everything and get out of here, ”said Magomed Magomedov. “This is the message that is being sent today,” he stressed.

Magomed Magomed explained that any business may have problems. “The question is how a shareholder should act,” he noted. “How can I bring charges against a shareholder of a certain limited liability company?” If he is guilty of everything that happens in this holding, whatever employee there is, the fifth hand on the kissel has not done something in the Koenigsberg area – therefore, he [the shareholder] is to blame, then this will not be a very good precedent. ” – said Magomedov. He noted that in Russia “three or four holdings of comparable size had the same problems when people were arrested”. And the shareholders of these companies, according to Magomedov, did not hide that they were trying to help.

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According to Magomed Magomedov, in this situation “a decent businessman should try to help his people, even though they were guilty, of course, if they are not notorious criminals,” and also compensate for the damage, if any.

Problems in the Magomedovs business arose back in 2016. FESCO, co-owner of the Summa group of Ziyavudin Magomedov, due to financial problems, then made several defaults on payments on Eurobonds for $ 550 million maturing in 2018 and $ 325 million for maturity in 2020. By November last year, the debt on these two issues was $ 655 million.

Last year, it also became known that the division of Rosavtodor, PKU Uprdor “Azov”, accused the Sumy subsidiary Stroynovatsiyu of disrupting the road construction deadlines. The company, in turn, filed a lawsuit against the division of Rosavtodor. Another problem was the construction of the Arena Baltika stadium in Kaliningrad for the World Cup. Engineering preparation was carried out by Globelelektroservis company, which is part of the Summa group, after the object was handed over the sand pad under the stadium began to deform. Subsequently, it became an episode of the criminal case against the Magomedovs.

After the appearance of information about the quality of work on the stadium in Kaliningrad, Ziyavudin Magomedov demanded from his brother and acquaintance businessman David Kaplan (he is a former co-owner of Lithuanian bank Snoras and an Israeli citizen) to capitalize the construction business for 6 billion rubles , wrote Forbes citing a source. The state customers, as clarified by the source, detained payments for three to four months, and the cash gaps were closed from their own funds. According to him, Ziyavudin Magomedov himself personally invested about 10 billion rubles in the engineering business. over the past two and a half to three years. In court, the businessman explained that he had to “help” because of the fall of the ruble exchange rate and the reluctance of banks to issue guarantees.

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Early last year, Ziyavudin Magomedov suggested that partners withdraw from their business. Kaplan agreed to this proposal, and the Magomedov brothers needed to divide up their shares in NCSP (the third largest port operator in Europe in terms of cargo turnover is Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port). Magomed, his acquaintance told Forbes, wanted to sell his package, but his brother did not plan to divide the package.

Both Magomedov brothers were arrested on March 31. Law enforcement officers accuse them of creating a criminal community, fraud and embezzlement of budget funds during the construction of the Arena Baltica stadium, Khrabrovo airport in Kaliningrad, and the reclamation of a 16-hectare site near Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg and theft from the Federal Grid Company.

According to investigators, the criminal community of Magomedovs has been operating since 2010. The damage caused by the actions of the organization, according to the UK, amounted to 2.5 billion rubles. On November 1, it also became known that the brothers were accused of embezzling 300 million rubles. during the construction of the highway “Chui tract” .

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