Massachusetts Experiment

The photo shows Dr. James Rogers. In 1965, he was sentenced to electrocution for the so-called “Massachusetts experiment,” but two days before being executed, he committed suicide while in the cell, poisoned by potassium cyanide, which some of his patients brought him.

Recently, the “University of Massachusetts Psychology and Neuropathology,” in which Dr. Rogers worked, officially declared that this experiment was of great scientific importance, and its effectiveness is undeniable. In this regard, the university’s rector, Dr. Phil Rocentern, apologized to the remaining relatives of James. And the thing is that Dr. James Rogers used a unique method of curing his seemingly hopeless patients, developed by him. He intensified their paranoia so much that its new round corrected the previous one.

In other words, if a person believed that bugs were crawling everywhere around him, Dr. Rogers told him that it was so. The whole world is covered with beetles. Some particularly sensitive people see them, others are so used to it that they simply do not notice them. The state knows everything, but keeps it secret so as not to allow panic. The man left quite sure that he was all right, resigned and tried not to notice the beetles. After a while, he most often stopped seeing them. Someone Aaron Platnovsky, who suffered from cognitive-enphasic disorder, spoke at the trial. He thought he was a giraffe. Neither logical arguments nor comparison of his photograph with the image of a giraffe helped. He was absolutely sure of that. He stopped talking, refused to take regular food, except leaves.

Dr. Rogers asked a friend of biology to write a small article that more or less scientifically describes the recent astounding discovery of scientists: there are giraffes in nature that are almost no different from humans. That is, there are differences – a little more heart, a little less spleen, but the behavior and appearance, and even the way of thinking completely coincide. Scientists do not disclose this information to prevent panic, and this article should be burned by anyone who reads it. The patient calmed down and socialized. At the time of the trial, he was an auditor at a large firm in Colorado. Alas, the state court found Dr. Rogers a charlatan and the experiment was inhuman. He was sentenced to death. He refused the last word, but gave the judge a letter that he requested to publish in some newspaper. The letter published “The Massachusetts Daily Collegian”. The letter ended with the words:

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“You are too accustomed to the idea that everyone perceives the world equally. But it is not. If you get together and try to tell each other the simplest and most obvious concepts for you, then you will understand that you all live in completely different worlds. And only your comfort determines your mental calm. In this case, a person who believes that he is a giraffe and lives in the world with this knowledge is as normal as a person who believes that the grass is green and the sky is blue. Some of you believe in a UFO, someone in God, someone in the morning breakfast and a cup of coffee. Living in harmony with your faith – you are completely healthy, but as soon as you begin to defend your point of view – how faith in God will force you to kill, faith in UFOs – fear abduction, faith in a cup of coffee in the morning – will become the center of your universe and destroy your life . The physicist will begin to give you the arguments that that the sky is not blue, but the biologist will prove that the grass is not green. In the end, you will be left alone with the empty, cold and completely unknown to you world, which our world most likely is. So no matter what ghosts you inhabit your world. As long as you believe in them – they exist, as long as you do not fight with them – they are not dangerous. ”

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