MED saw a narrowing gap between rich and poor

The real incomes of the population in 2018 decreased by 0.2%, but the dynamics of the indicator for different social groups was heterogeneous: incomes of the poor increased, and more affluent – decreased, said the Ministry of Economic Development

The peculiarity of the change in the real incomes of citizens in 2018 was “serious differentiation” depending on the level, the Ministry of Economic Development reported in the monthly review “Picture of the Economy” (. Pdf ). Thus, the incomes of the better-off strata have decreased due to the following negative factors:

falling income from bank deposits;
increase in property taxes;
growth in mortgage payments.
On the contrary, incomes of less wealthy citizens increased due to

increase in the minimum wage (from May 1, 2018 was brought to the subsistence minimum);
increase payments to families with children;
wage increases in the public sector (including as a result of the execution of the May decrees of 2012).
Rosstat, however, did not see any changes in the income differentiation of Russians. According to preliminary data (. Doc ), the distribution of income by 20 percent income groups of the population (quintiles) did not change at all in 2018 compared to 2017.

In general, real disposable incomes of Russians declined for the fifth year in a row : in 2018, by 0.2% (taking into account the lump sum payment of 5 thousand rubles to pensioners in January 2017). During this period (since 2014), Russians’ incomes have decreased by a total of almost 11%.

At the same time, real wages in enterprises last year increased by 6.8%. However, they account for only about 40% of the income of Russian households, the rest – pensions and social benefits, income from property (deposits, dividends, rental housing).

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Pensions and other social payments made a slightly negative contribution to the dynamics of real income (less than 0.1 pp), according to a review by the Ministry of Economic Development. Property incomes also decreased (contribution – minus 0.5 percentage points), mainly from savings on bank deposits. The latter was the result of a decrease in nominal interest rates on bank deposits against the background of reduced inflation. Finally, interest payments on bank loans increased (they are taken into account in real incomes of the population with a negative sign). In particular, the growth of the mortgage loan portfolio accelerated to 23.1% compared with 15.1% in 2017.

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