Medvedchuk said that he can not be removed from the negotiations on the Donbass

The politician recalled that he was included in this process in the interests of Poroshenko, and of the country.
Ukrainian politician, head of the political council of the party “The Opposition Platform – For Life” Viktor Medvedchuk said that he could not be removed from the negotiations on Donbas.

So he commented on the statement of the headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky. They noted that in case of victory Zelensky Medvedchuk will be excluded from the negotiators.

Petro Poroshenko never appointed Viktor Medvedchuk to the role of “negotiator” with the Russian Federation. I was engaged in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia only at the request of the president of Ukraine and did it in the interests of the country, not its president. Therefore, it is impossible a priori to bring me out of the “negotiation process” – Medvedchuk’s words are quoted on his party’s website .

The politician also noted that he hardly imagines how Zelensky and his team will rule the country if “they do not have even the slightest idea of ​​what they are talking about.”

Earlier, Life reported that Medvedchuk pointed out the main tasks of the new president of Ukraine.

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