Medvedeva for the first time showed a new short program


Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedev at the official training session before the start of the Russian championship showed a new short program. About this reports

Now the athlete performs to the music from the opera Tosca by Giacomo Puccini. She also changed one of the jumps: instead of triple lutz, Medvedeva performed a triple rittberger. The choreographer of this version of the program was the former figure skater Misha Ge , who spoke for Uzbekistan.

Previously, the athlete skated a short program under the song Orange Colored Sky.

Women’s competitions in the Russian Championship will begin on December 21, when the athletes will show a short program. Arbitrary they roll back the next day. Following the results of the competition, the composition of the team that will perform at the European Championship will be known.

Medvedev did not reach the final of the Grand Prix of this year. The competition was won by the Japanese Ricky Kihira, the second place was taken by the Russian Alina Zagitova .

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